Vivo X25 Exposure: Full Screen, Snapdragon 720, Half Screen Fingerprint Recognition!


This year’s Vivo is also considered to be excellent, all new models have achieved good market performance, and Vivo’s NEX is extremely technical, but in addition, NEX is also the signal that Vivo officially entered the high-end flagship market. At present, Vivo has added a new version of the Vivo NEX dual-screen version, and its evaluation is also very high. In Vivo’s 2019 product plan, Vivo X25 is the real highlight, the Vivo X25 will be positioned in the high-end flagship market, which is also the mainstream of vivo sales, and the new vivo X25 has also been exposed, what will the new Vivo X25 look like this time!

The Vivo X25 will adopt a new design style. The front of the Vivo X25 adopts a comprehensive screen design. The vivo X25 adopts the design style of the water drop screen. The front screen of the new machine is still very high, and the front of the Vivo X25 is very high. The effect is still very shocking, the frame control of the new Vivo X25 is also better than before, and the chin of the new vivo x25 has been greatly reduced than before, which The new vivo X25 has added a combination of rear three shots. The three shots are arranged vertically in the upper left corner of the fuselage. The effect on the back of the whole machine is amazing, and the new machine has joined. A new color scheme. In the overall design of the new Vivo X25, the gap between the new vivo X25 and the previous vivo X23 is still relatively large, the new machine has a better look and feel, and the whole machine is worth looking forward to.

Vivo X25 will use the new Snapdragon 720 processor, which will be the latest processor in Qualcomm’s mid- to high-end market in 2019, and the processor has not yet released, but I believe its performance is good. In terms of the memory combination of the new machine, the new vivo X25 will use 6GB+128GB memory combination and start, the new Vivo X25 will support 8GB+256GB version. This memory combination is also in line with the current trend of the mainstream flagship Vivo X25 in the market.

In the new camera, the new vivo X25 uses a rear-mounted 20 megapixel plus dual 12-megapixel three-shot combination. On the front camera of the new Vivo X25, the Vivo X25 is equipped with a single 20-megapixel camera, and this combination of photos is also the mainstream. In other configurations of the new machine, the vivo X25 will support mainstream functions such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition and NFC in half screen.

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In terms of the release time of the new Vivo X25, this time the vivo X25 will be officially released in the middle of next year, and there is no accurate news to confirm the specific release time of the vivo X25. In terms of the price of the new Vivo X25, the vivo X25 will also inherit the good habit of vivo. The price of the new machine will also be more expensive. the starting price of the new Vivo X25 will be It is 2699 yuan, this price is considered to be more competitive, but its final price will have to wait until the launch of the vivo announcement.

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