Vivo X70 Equipped with 2K E5 Screen Released on September 9th


Vivo X70 series will be released on September 9th, and officials are warming up the new phone again today.

Today Vivo is preheating the screen of X70 series. The poster shows that the new phone has a 2K E5 material screen with a perforated design in the center. igeekphone learned that the new E5 uses 25% less power than the E4 luminescent material, with a contrast ratio of up to 8000:1 and local peak brightness of up to 1500 Nits. It also uses the screen microprism technology to achieve a lower power consumption under the same brightness.

From the bottom of the screen analysis, the luminous material directly affects the brightness of the mobile phone screen. In addition, due to the characteristics of OLED screen, each pixel can emit light independently without backlight, so the influence of luminescent material is greater, and the power consumption and display effect of the screen have an important relationship with the material.

VIVO X70 series will further strengthen its cooperation with Zeiss by using optical technology derived from Zeiss in vivo X70 series, according to information previously revealed on Vivo’s official Weibo. Vivo X70 series will be equipped with other innovative anti-shake technologies in addition to the microconsole technology.

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In addition, Vivo has confirmed that some models of vivo X70 series will be equipped with Vivo V1 professional imaging chip, which is newly developed by Vivo.


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