Vivo Xplay 7 Exposure Equipped With TOF 3D Technology! Batter Than NEX!


If you want to compare the design of most amazing Smartphones of 2018, definitely Vivo NEX will be nominated on the list. Vivo NEX with its incredible truly full-screen design, up to 98.24% of the ultimate screen ratio, so that holding the phone is like an entire screen to achieve the ideal close. However, compared to OPPO Find X and the current benchmark toper iPhone X, Vivo NEX seems to have a big regret.

That is, 3D structured light facial recognition is not supported. As a stunning Smartphone, Vivo NEX doesn’t support 3D light structure, but if you haven’t placed an order to buy Vivo NEX, so we will advise you to keep saving your money and wait. Because a new flagship of Vivo than NEX has to meet with us again that maybe Vivo Xplay 7! This time, what you want, one will not be absent. Recently at MWC conference, Vivo officially announced a new TOF (Time of Flight) 3D superinduction technology.

The TOF 3D super-sensing technology is accurate and is similar to the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer version, OPPO Find X and 3D structure light on iPhone X. It uses 3D projection to collect face data and forms the next step in interactive technology. However, Vivo’s TOF 3D super sensing technology is more advanced and safer than structured light 3D technology, and can be viewed as an evolutionarily upgraded 3D structured light technology!

Vivo TOF 3D Super Sensing technology can sense 300,000 effective depth information points, which is 10 times higher than 3D structured light technology. The working distance can reach 3 meters, which is 3 times better than structured light technology, and it has high effective depth information and long working distance. Flexible layout of the structure, rich application scenarios, and other highlights.

Currently, Vivo has already negotiated 3D face recognition payments with Wechat and Alipay estimates that it is already on the way to cooperation. In addition, not only is the payment, this technology will also be used in device 3D camera, 3D fitting, MR somatosensory games, 3D printing and other areas, is not it super? Of course, abandoning mobile phone talk technology is a trick. Vivo also hinted (in fact, it is expressly stated) that this technology will be put into commercial use in the second half of this year.

The new Vivo device equipped with TOF 3D super-sensing technology will be released later this year. By then, this phone will be equipped with a higher proportion of screen with a full-screen design, fingerprint under the screen, and TOF 3D facial recognition technology! As for the model of this Smartphone, Media resources has already counted, and that this Vivo Xplay 7 which has not been updated in 2 years. This is a truly big move of Vivo this year!

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