Vivo Z5x Review: Design, Hardware, Features, or More


Vivo released the vivo NEX, and some of the concept technologies in Vivo APEX have been mass-produced, including lifting cameras and screen sounding technology. If the full screen is the look of the future mobile phone, then after removing the bangs, we have taken another big step toward the future mobile phone.

Everyone did not think that this step was first taken by vivo. What is the relevance of vivo in our inherent impression? celebrity effect? Only remarketing? These impressions are formed after a certain period of time and public opinion accumulation. We cannot completely deny it, but our concept should keep pace with the times. We can clearly see in recent generations of products that vivo has changed.

From vivo APEX to NEX to IQOO, we can see innovation, performance, and design. Vivo continues to decentralize innovative technologies, and we have been able to experience some of the “patents” that are available in high-end machines on mid-range models that are available for one or two thousand dollars.

Today we want to evaluate is such a mid-range model: vivo Z5x. In the ongoing shopping carnival, the vivo Z5x has achieved impressive results with its excellent performance, eye-catching screen, and long battery life.

At 0:00 on June 1st, the Vivo Z5x won the champion of the three major e-commerce platforms of 1,000 yuan – 2000 yuan in one hour, and the sales on that day broke through 100 million. So the imaginative vivo Z5x is worthy of the name, we will find out in this evaluation.

Design & Appearance

On the front side, the vivo Z5x uses a 6.53-inch 1080P LCD screen with a resolution of 2340×1080, complemented by the flagship-level digging screen design, which brings a significant increase in screen ratio, reaching 90.77%. 19.5:9 super wide field of view screen ratio, whether it is video or game can bring a great experience. Super Black “hidden” front camera with 4.59mm ultra-small aperture, 1600W HD pixels. The left and right borders are only 1.76mm, and the width of the chin is also a first-class standard in the thousand yuan machine.

In addition to the excellent look of the front screen, the craft design on the back side has not fallen. Under the natural aesthetics, the aurora color looks beautiful and the visual effect is excellent. In addition to the aurora color, there are two colors, the night black, and the phantom black. The rear camera uses a popular three-camera design, a combination of 16MP main shots + 8MP wide-angle lenses + 2MP plus depth-of-field lenses.

Because it is equipped with a large battery of 5000mAh, the weight of the vivo Z5x reaches 204g. It can feel a slight pressure in the hand, but the thickness of the body is well controlled, only 8.55mm. Thanks to the innovative small 3D design and the application of a variety of new materials and processes, the vivo Z5x delivers a comfortable grip while maintaining a strong endurance. The 3.5mm headphone hole is reserved at the bottom, which is an advantage of the slot with the Micro USB interface.

Hardware & Performance

Excellent endurance In addition to the need for large-capacity batteries, the power consumption of mobile phone processors is also an important aspect. The vivo Z5x uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, and the processor that was once used as the secondary flagship is now decentralized to the mid-range model.

About this Snapdragon 7 Series God U has been seen many times in our evaluation, with 10nm process technology, Kryo 300 series CPU, Adreno 600 series GPU, in addition to Spectra 250 ISP, Hexagon 685 DPS and X15 LTE Multiple IPs, including baseband, are derived from the 800-series flagship processor.

In addition, the vivo Z5x comes standard with UFS2.1 flash memory and LPDDR4x memory. It is the same as the Snapdragon 710. We got 8GB+128GB version in our hands, and then we can see the real chapter on the score!

Antutu Score

Ann Bunny Introduction: The world’s number one mobile phone/tablet hardware performance evaluation tool can comprehensively examine the performance of all aspects of the device including the user experience, and visualize the ranking. Support multiple mainstream platforms, running points can be compared across platforms.

Master Lu test

Master Lu: You can evaluate and compare the five core hardwares of CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and display. It is more suitable for ordinary white users to understand mobile phone related information.

PCMark test

PCMark is a test software considering the comprehensive performance of the whole machine. It can accurately reflect the processing performance of the daily use of the mobile phone, and multiple daily test scenarios, such as web browsing, video editing, document writing, photo editing, etc., and can carry out battery life. test.

Game frame rate test

Ann Bunny runs 172,576 points, and Master Lu runs 205,506. The score is in the middle position compared with the same level of mobile phone. In the game test, we open the frame rate display that comes with the game. In the high frame rate mode, the full frame rate has been stable at around 60, and the 5v5 group battle can also be stable without dropping frames.

The performance of mobile games in vivo has always been legendary, especially for the “Glory of the King” and the chicken hand tour. On this vivo Z5x, the Multi-Turbo multi-turbo acceleration engine has been added, and the performance of the mobile phone can be released better.


The vivo Z5x is equipped with 16 million main shots (aperture f/1.18) + 8MP wide-angle lens (aperture f/2.2) + 2MP plus depth-of-field lens (aperture f/2.4), which constitutes an AI super wide-angle solution.

Next, we will test the strength of this three-shot combination through proofs.

Daytime proofs

Night mode

Super wide angle mode

The day of the photo was cloudy, the sky was dark, and the image quality was discounted. In the colorful scenes, the vivo Z5x blurs well, and the sampled colors are full and layered.

By comparing the third set of proofs, it can be seen that the brightness of the screen is obviously improved after the night scene mode is turned on, but the apparent over the explosion of the photo theme (lantern) is inferior to the shooting proof in the normal mode. In general, the level of photographing is at the forefront of the thousand yuan machine, and the strength of the three shots has yet to be further explored.


Life is one of the highlights of the vivo Z5x, the 5000mAh large battery, the endurance strength can be said to be the other. We will test our endurance through online video playback + games.

Charging speed test

The vivo Z5x is equipped with an 18W dual-engine flash charger. Considering the huge base of the 5000mAh large battery, the charging reaches 90% in about 100 minutes, and the performance is already good. The power is used for 30 minutes from 0%-30%. Although it does not reach the level of charging for half an hour for a whole day, it is completely ok to charge the emergency in a temporary situation.

Online video playback

The screen brightness of the mobile phone is 50% and the volume is 30%. I still carried out the video endurance test when the mobile phone power was only 6%, thanks to the trust in its battery life, and the result did not disappoint me. From 9:40-10:10, 30 minutes of online video playback consumes a total of 3%! With 3% remaining, I let the phone continue to play, and the phone has been stuck for 40 minutes!

Game life test

The screen brightness and volume are 50% and 30% respectively. The King Glory turns on the high frame rate mode, and Peace Elite turns on HD quality (highest support for HD).

Time 21:30-22:00, power 23%-19%, total power consumption 4% in 30 minutes.

Time 22:10-22:40, electricity 17%-11%, total power consumption of 6% in 30 minutes. For chicken games, it takes a while to consume 15% to 20% of an hour, but the vivo Z5x consumes only 12% of its power. It can be played for about 8 hours at full power, even for heavy mobile gamers. This level of game life should also meet the requirements.

For some people, they have a flagship machine as the main machine. Buying a Taiwanese machine is just a backup. In addition to being a backup machine, the vivo Z5x can also be a part-time nurse, supporting the OTG reverse charging function, and directly transforming into a charging treasure when necessary. (Reverse charging requires additional OTG dedicated lines)

In the context of the current battery technology bottleneck, the solution to the mobile phone life experience is generally two solutions: 1, increase the battery capacity, and the problem is that the battery and the body volume increase, the phone feels poor, the same Will affect the user experience; 2, increase the charging power, the charging power cannot be infinitely expanded, too much power will have an impact on the battery life of the phone.

Therefore, the balance between battery capacity, body size, and charging power has finally made the mobile phone’s battery life experience. Therefore, the vivo Z5x uses a large-capacity battery of 5000mAh, which is necessary to make some compromises in the other two aspects.

As far as the experience is concerned, the results of the vivo Z5x trade-offs in these aspects are basically satisfactory. The combination of a large battery and fast charging will make the battery life experience less troublesome. For example, if you play games, you don’t have to play while you are charging. Carry it with your voice, and don’t even have to go out with a charging treasure.

For my personal use, the moderate use of the day (9 hours), the remaining 30% of the electricity left at home.

The vivo Z5x charger uses the Micro USB interface, which may be due to the user community. Throughout the vivo Z series, the same interface is used, and there is no choice to adapt to the general trend to replace the Type-C.

We don’t know the deep-seated reasons, but according to the relationship between supply and demand, demand determines supply. Since the vivo Z5x can be listed for a day’s sales, it must have its own potential market. On the other hand, the excellent comprehensive experience of excellent endurance ability can make people ignore this defect, so-called ignorance.

Funtouch OS 9

The vivo Z5x comes pre-installed with the Funtouch OS 9 operating system, based on Android 9 deep customization. The new system has made a lot of improvements on the UI, redrawing many UI details, and adding shortcuts, custom icons and more.

UI interface

The system UI is still taking a small fresh route, and the shortcut is pulled up from the bottom left side.

In the default mode, the items displayed on the negative screen are too much, and the weather and date are repeated in the case of the main screen, making the negative screen seem not simple enough.

Jovi voice assistant

With the new upgrade of Funtouch OS 9, the importance of Vivo’s voice assistant Jovi has risen to an unprecedented height. The left side of the vivo Z5x has a separate Jovi voice assistant button. The long press can wake up the voice assistant and short press the trigger wisdom. Picture mode. Both the response speed and the recognition rate are very good.

The game box

Funtouch OS 9 provides the game magic box function, this function does not have a desktop icon, we can long press and open in the shortcut center. In the game box, you can block notifications, prevent accidental touches, turn on the esport mode, etc. This is a very friendly feature for the heavy game party.

There is a game countdown function that is especially worth mentioning. When the hero dies and stimulates the battlefield to wait for the start, if the game enters the background, there will be a countdown corresponding to the floating display. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about it because the memory is not good enough to be reported or put into a box.

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Nowadays, major manufacturers continue to decentralize innovative technologies, create mobile phone selling points, and attract consumers. We can also select satisfactory mobile phones at the price of 1,000 yuan. Today, the Vivo Z5x we evaluated is different from the previous generations of vivo Z3x and Z3. There is no combination of Z5x and Z5, so Z5x belongs to the generation of the Z series.

Vivo Z5x combines the digging screen used by high-end models, the flagship Snapdragon 710 processor, and the rear three-shot, plus 5000mAh battery is said to be full of sincerity. The rich configuration plus the price of 1398 yuan – 1998 yuan, has achieved a single day break the score on the line, I believe that the more prosperous line of vivo will bloom everywhere.

If you only look at the proofs and data, the weight of the phone 204g and the back fingerprint may not be of interest to you, but compared to the slightly more feel and the rear fingerprint, the endurance of the watch, the balanced configuration and the boring screen bring The high screen ratio is more attractive to people, and these are the advantages of the vivo Z5x.

In general, the Vivo Z5x is a very competitive mobile phone with a price of 1,000 yuan, which is one of the best in terms of performance, battery life and screen. For users who value cost, endurance, and usability, the vivo Z5x is an excellent choice.


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