Vivo Z5x VS Xiaomi Mi9 SE Comparison Review: Which is Better Choice?


The comparison between iQOO and Xiaomi Mi9 is naturally a lot, but what is the actual performance of Vivo Z5x? Let’s compare the performance of the same top-of-the-line Xiaomi Mi9 SE in the thousand yuan machine to see how the two phones are performing in terms of performance, that is, how they perform.

Parameter comparison

Old rules, before the introduction, we will first look at the hardware and software configuration of the two models. In terms of hardware, the vivo Z5x is equipped with a Snapdragon 710 processor, 5000mAh, and expandable storage up to 256GB. The Xiaomi Mi9 SE uses the Snapdragon 712 processor and 3070mAh. From the data alone, the vivo Z5x will have an advantage in terms of battery life, and the Xiaomi Mi9 SE has more processing power.

As for the software, the vivo Z5x is equipped with Multi-Turbo multi-turbo acceleration engine technology, and the game magic box also has game assistant, e-sports mode, screen-out hang-up, game countdown, game picture-in-picture, etc.; Xiaomi Mi9 SE has The same Game Turbo game mode as Xiaomi Mi9 has performance enhancement, experience optimization, and call-on automatic open hands-free function. Regardless of the paper parameters, it is the scorpion that is a marathon.

Game comparison

Everything is based on game performance. For this reason, I chose one of the most popular games in the mobile game market at the moment – “Glory of the King”. Because this game has a multi-version iteration, there is a higher demand for all aspects of the phone’s hardware and software.

Before testing “Glory of the Kings”, we first kept the basic settings of both models in the same state. The picture quality and resolution are adjusted to the highest level, and the interface animation and the external role halo are turned on, thereby improving the game picture.千元机也需谈游戏功能:vivo Z5x对决小米9 SE,谁又可脱颖而出

The author found that the Vivo Z5x and the Xiaomi Mi9 SE had no difference in the pre-game patching and brushing the wild monsters, and the overall frame rate was kept at around 59 frames. Although the two mobile phones do not show the phenomenon of stagnation, frame loss, etc. in the game, the whole process is natural and smooth. But in the middle and late group battles, when faced with the rendering of many heroes, the vivo Z5x still stays at 59 frames, while the Xiaomi Mi9 SE drops to 40 or more, even falling to 0 frames when it is launched. This is the test. The period is unpredictable.

For the player, in addition to the pursuit of beautiful picture effects + fluency, the game must also consider the blessing of some small functions. For example, the vivo Z5x has the “game space function”, while the Xiaomi 9 SE has the “game acceleration function”. The same point is that both can see the downloaded game on the main interface, but the former will automatically recognize the game app and Add to the main page; the latter has to be done manually, which is a bit of a hassle. There is also Z5x to clearly see the time-consuming situation of the game. The Xiaomi Mi9 SE is different. You can only see the GPU and CPU resources, but you can’t view the game data.千元机也需谈游戏功能:vivo Z5x对决小米9 SE,谁又可脱颖而出

In addition, if you receive urgently needed information during the game, the two phones also have different solutions. Vivo Z5x can open the game keypad through three-finger slide down to view and reply to information in time. We can see from the moving graph that the game screen is blocked when replying to the information, and the “field of vision blindness” is avoided, resulting in a game accident.

However, Xiaomi Mi9 SE is different. There are two types. The first one also has a favorite keyboard, and the second one is full of the entire mobile phone interface. And the second cannot understand the progress of the game in real time, this is undoubtedly a “fatal problem. In addition, the large keyboard input method is relatively large, it is not convenient for the player to input. It seems a bit redundant, so it still depends on personal preference.

What’s more worth mentioning is that the vivo Z5x is also equipped with the “open screen hang-up” function. When turned on, while ensuring the progress of the game, not only reduces the power consumption of the screen but also prevents the game from being mistakenly touched during the hangup, resulting in a failure. This is something that Xiaomi Mi9 SE does not have.

In addition, the vivo Z5x also has an auxiliary function – the game countdown, such as when you encounter urgent information during the game, you need to reply, or you can exit the interface when the character dies. On the right side of the main interface, you can clearly see a “death countdown remaining time”. When you enter 0s, you can resume the game normally. The two do not interfere with each other.

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In general, the Vivo Z5x and Xiaomi Mi9 SE models can meet the needs of consumers for mid-range models, regardless of the average frame rate or other optimization modes. However, in my opinion, it will be more inclined to vivo Z5x. It is not difficult to see the experience. Compared with Xiaomi Mi9 SE, the frame rate is more stable and the game optimization mode is more. So for you, what do you think?

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