Voopoo Drag X vs Drag S Mod Pod Kits Comparison Review – What’s the Difference Between?


The Drag X & Drag S from Voopoo are the newest versions of the Drag family. Voopoo is perhaps best known for its Drag lineup of successful vape mods. Their modern designs, clean edges, and attractive panels made them a hit and now Voopoo is adding two new members to the family. The Drag X and Drag S are two ‘pod mods’ that are similar in a lot of ways to Voopoo’s Vinci devices. They use the same PnP coils as the Vinci line and also feature adjustable wattage; 5-60W on the Drag S and 5-80W on the Drag X. In this article, we will see What’s the difference between Voopoo Drag X vs Drag S? Let’s check out quickly comparison review of both Mod Pod Kit here:


Both of the DRAG S and DRAG X look retro and elegant. They feature the bold fusion of alloy and leather to provide a comfortable grip and extra ruggedness, which is reminiscent of the GeekVape Aegis series. As Voopoo claimed that the soft-touch leather can prevent any scratch, wearing, or fingerprint. They have the TFT screen that displays the important vaping data and Type-C charging port at 2A fast speed. The slide lever on the top of the mod allows you to adjust the airflow.

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Both of the DRAG S pods and DRAG X pods are removable and refillable and are secured magnetically into the device. The pods can be refilled from the bottom and the coils feature a simple plug and play method. You can also upgrade it to use with a standard 510 vape tank with the 510 adaptors in the kit.

The new and advanced GENE.TT chip boasts 0.001-second firing speed and allows for an interesting function, a ‘Score’ Mode. Will get a score depending on the cloud size of each vape. You can move through different levels from “IRON” to “KING”, which will bring pleasure to your vaping experience. You can the fire method from button activation, draw activation or a combination of both.

The DRAG S is powered by a 2500mAh internal battery, and has the maximum output of 60W, while DRAG X uses a removable 18650 battery, which is not included in the kit and fires up to 80W. Both devices charge through USB Type-C ports, and none of them support pass-thru.


On the overall, the Voopoo Drag X vs Drag S mod pod kits looks great and amazing. They are both budget mod pod kits which are affordable, Both come with different specs you can check out. The significant difference between the two devices is the battery and maximum power output. The Drag S houses a built-in 2500mAh battery while the Drag X utilizes an external 18650 battery. All in all, Drag S & Drag X are two exceptional pod devices. And with the coming 510 adapters for the Drag X, it could be a mod that you use for a long time into the future. For More information about Voopoo Drag X & Drag S visit on the official site.


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