VORKE Notebook 15 Pro Review – Powered by Intel Core i7-8550U (8G+256GB SSD) For Just $533.99 at Geekbuying


Are you looking for an ideal notebook for work/school for yourself, children or your partner, for which you would not waste too much money? With the Vorke Notebook 15 Pro featuring a modern Intel Core i5-8250U with NVIDIA GeForce MX150, it can handle even more demanding tasks with ease, Vorke is a very popular brand among companies that focus on MiniPC and Android TV Box. Vorke gives us excellent versatility in their first Notebook, a clear example is the Vorke Notebook 15, a laptop with an elegant body and enviable performance, with these same parameters present brings us its new Upgraded model Vorke Notebook 15 Pro, an innovative laptop with excellent benefits and at an affordable price.

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The Vorke Notebook 15 Pro impresses us with its elegant design that borders on the minimalist, presenting elegance and distinction, attracting all the eyes of the users. It is available in a beautiful metallic gray color as you would expect. This Vorke Notebook 15 Pro is smaller than other conventional laptops since it has dimensions of 370 x 245 x 19mm and has a weight of 1.96kg, this makes it a very light and compact equipment, this allows us to move it to anywhere is easier because it does not take up much space, something important to emphasize, is its backlit keyboard, with soft and less noisy keys, which makes its quality and reliability one of the highest in the market.

The Vorke Notebook 15 Pro has an IPS display (In-Plane Switching) of 15.6-inch Screen With 1920*1080 Resolution, which has a technology that prevents image quality degradation because it reduces the reflectivity of the image in order to protect the sharpness of colors, this is because of its internal layout that has a series of liquid crystals that prevents leaks or loss of light. Entering details, it has a density of 157.35 PPI and resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels FHD, which allows videos and photographs to come alive before our eyes.

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Vorke Notebook 15 Pro is a fast beast and its performance on preinstalled Windows 10 will be smooth, no matter your tasks. Eighth-gen Intel Core i5-8250U CPU provides over 40% better performance than its predecessor and if you add an 8 GB of RAM, you can get fluid multitasking. On top of that, there is NVIDIA Geforce MX150 graphics card, a 2GB GPU chipset dedicated to gaming laptops. Naturally, this kind of CPU needs proper cooling, because overheating is a serious issue and leads to random freezes, resets or in the long-term – hardware failure. Fortunately, Xiaomi used here a smart solution of dual-fan – dual air outlet that enables efficient cooling, though fans sometimes are a bit loud when working at full power.

The SSD + HDD combo is the best thing you can get when it comes to storage. 256GB SSD provides fast working drives that have a fast reading and writing speed, so it’s perfect to install your OS or games to speed up loading times. 1 TB HDD, on the other hand, is a bit slower, but it provides a lot of space to store your files, so you won’t run out of room for your multimedia.


The Vorke Notebook 15 Pro offers a basic 2.0 MP webcam for video conferencing and an integrated microphone. Stereo speakers are also available. Its connectivity is classic on this type of diagonal even if some choices are difficult to justify. There is a USB 3.0 Type-A port on each side of the machine, a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack port, a power jack port but also a MicroSDXC port and a MicroHDMI port. Why use these ports on a device of this caliber. We are on a 15.6″ solution with 2 cm thickness, the manufacturer instead of sliding a full HDMI port and a classic SDXC card reader. It’s probably an economy of scale. I’m not sure there’s a big difference in motherboard between all VORKE laptops.


Do you dream to carry the laptop it was as simple as a magazine? With Vorke Notebook 15 Pro is quite possible. Its 14-inch has a large screen, but its size does not exceed a fashion magazine. Furthermore, this Vorke Notebook 15 Pro features high performance. you can Buy From Geekbuying at $533.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy Vorke Notebook 15 Pro at Geekbuying


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