VR – 5000 An Entry Level VR Headset (Coupon Included)


The VR industry is blooming day by day and the consumers are adopting it as their pass time entertainment or just for fun games, Well companies are taking the positive response to VR to fuel their confidence and are launching better and more beefier versions of the VR headset. One such we have brought for you is VR – 5000 with an elastic headband to fit for all.


The design of the VR is very unique and follows a design where in front you get a dotted holes pattern for venrilation and heat dissipation. The VR headset comes in full black colours enhancing the over all appeal of the Headset. Further the VR is made up of high grade plastic ABS material which makes it withhold falls and easy on skin. It also has comforting cushions around. Magnetic closure design, convenient to use. Adaptive memory foam as the cushion material, makes it comfortable for wearing.


The VR headset has following features :

FOV90 : High quality VR lenses offer the most immersive feeling with a 90 Degrees Field Of View.

IPD Adjustable : IPD i.e interpupilary distance can be adjusted to adapt to your eyes. IPD adjustment function enables the distance between the lenses to correctly match every user’s distance between the centers of the pupils of both eyes, to have extended range.Also it can be adjusted for people having myopia

Compatible with 4 – 5.5 inch smartphones : The headset is customized to work with the majority of smartphones sized between 4 – 5.5 inch from any brand, relieving any stress one may have about compatibility with their current and future phone model

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The VR – 5000 is a latest VR in the race of affordable VR headsets, with features like soft memory foam cusion and foam pads to prtect your smartphone from scratches. Materials used in it are also ranging from ABS, PC, PU leather. Further our coupon really makes this deal a lot more attractive, use Coupon : IGEEK5000  here to get at a Price of just $11.99


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