VR Case MiniC a very low priced VR headset


If you are wondering what is the fuss about all that VR stuff everyone is talking about and want to try it yourself but do not want to invest in an expensive VR well then we have VR Case MiniC headset for you.


This VR headset is extremely low priced and is aimed at beginners, You can watch 3D movies and play 3D games on your mobile with it . It caneasily fit smartphones of  4.7 – 6 inch both Android and iOS. Beside it also has elastic soft leather headset to give you a long comfortable experience and an ergonomic design.


The MiniC is referring to the Mini size and lightweight it has. The Optical lens support deformity correction and relieve eye fatigue and reduce dizziness, it also has independent adjustment for pupil distance (The distance between the phone and lens can be adjusted). The VR Case MiniC can be grabbed for as low as $7.62.



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