VR S-MAC, a Most Popular VR Headset for Your Better Life on Sale


When we choose a VR, it’s very confused for us to make choices due to different kinds of brands, models with specs and prices. But one thing for sure is about our needs, do you want a high-end, mid-range or low-end VR headset? Of course for most users, we just want to experience what is virtual reality. So a mid-range or a low-end VR glasses is the one we need most. Today we find a VR Headset is quite popular according to users’ rank, it’s VR S-MAC, a simple design but powerful one.


VR S-MAC adopts Plexiglas material in its lens and plastic design in its frames. It is available for Red and green color, but the strap is black, lens color is green. In the package, it includes a glasses strap, a cleaning cloth and a pair of glasses. It uses a capacitive touch with better sensitivity. It has a S-MAC 2.0 smart touch on the right control panel. You can click the up or down to adjust the volume, or click fast forward or pause, and other operation by the remote control.


VR S-MAC’s lens can be adjusted to support up to 800 degrees of myopia. As you know, lens is very important for a VR, which decides the viewing experience. So VR S-MAC adopts ultra high definition glass which brings more immersive experience. It supports Bluetooth 3.0 technology, compatible with most android or IOS devices. It will enjoy low power consumption, and can be charged fast. You can use it as a mp3 by touch the music app.


VR S-MAC is a quite useful VR headset for your entertainment. You must be curious about its price. As we introduced before, we just bring the nice quality and competitive and affordable devices for your choice. Right now it is on sale at $35.99. Just experience first.


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