Walkera AIBAO – A WiFi FPV Quadcopter Racer (Coupon included)


Walkera AIBAO is a drone with the specially designed VR APP. With this VR APP you even can set funny racing track at your will. AIBAO drone is very agile with good capabilities, allowing you to win multicopter competitions with ease.

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It is equipped with dual GPS Navigation System. The drone adopted GPS and GLONASS systems to improve precise location. It features Two Game Mode. MR game mode and simulator mode give you more convenient. You can play drone to race tracks in different environments without space restrictions.

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It has Three Game Way battle mode, race mode and collecting mode. In battle mode, players can attack virtual targets through the drone. In race mode, players can operation drone to race through virtual funnel gates. Lastly, the classic collecting mode, players can collect golden coins with precise skills. AIBAO is equipped with a 16MP HD Camera. You can comfortably take images and record videos by this HD camera.

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Features DEVO F8 Transmitter. DEVO F8 adjusting the gyro sensitivity makes fancy flight in an easy way. The amazing is the VR Function Can that can be Achieved. You can achieve an immersive first-person flying game experience by extra VR glasses ( not included ).

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AIBAO drone must be a favorite of virtual game player as well as RC lovers. Walkera AIBAO is very easy to control. It is a deal for pilots of all skill levels. With the high-density air pressure sensor which can precisely hold the height, stable and easy to operate.

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Maximal rise speed that can reach is 5m/s, with maximal decline speed 3m/s. Maximum level flight speed in GPS mode is 5m/s, in Sport mode is 10m/s and in Altitude hold mode is about 20m/s. AIBAO has flying time about 18 minutes. FPV control distance is about 500m, with transmission rate more than 6Mbps. Transmitter is featured with a battery of 7.4V 6000mAh with standby time 48 hours. The maximum control distance is above 1.5km.

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Walkera AIBAO is a amazing  racing quadcopter with features like VR Function. If you want to buy it, you can get it at a lower price from the one announced at Gearbest and with only $426.79 will be yours using our coupon GB9%. Walkera AIBAO is in preorder at Gearbest till 10th of October.


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