Walkera QR Y100 Wi-Fi FPV Mini HexaCopter IOS and Android Compatible Now sale On Cheap Price at @RCMOMENT


Walkera QR Y100 is a Ready To Fly hexacopter system with a video camera and remote control. The low price combined with the possibilities make the drone the perfect entry-level for the beginner aerial photographer. Walkera QR Y100 has a robust frame with a streamlined construction optimized for hours of flying fun. Thanks to its easy-to-use operation and ingenious stability technology, this drone is ideal for beginners.


Made from durable, molded plastic, the QR Y100 features a built-in altitude control system and 6-axis gyro stabilization that deliver smooth hovering and easy maneuverability for first-time flyers. For added convenience, it also features simple one-key presses to command your drone to takeoff, land, go home, and follow. The headless mode allows you to keep track of the device no matter what direction it faces—forward is always forward and backward is always backward. If you ever crash, the QR Y100’s motors will automatically shut off so as not to cause further damage.


The drone is equipped with 6 arms, each equipped with a powerful engine. The end of each engine is obviously provided with a 2-blade design propeller. The propellers are designed to maximize the flight time relative to the battery power of the engines. Walkera QR Y100 quadcopter comes with a rechargeable 3.7V 1600mAh LiPo battery. The powerful battery guarantees extra long fly pleasure. Under the right Flight conditions, you fly with a full battery for about 12 to 14 minutes. Always take care when charging the battery. This is not only good for the battery life but also extra safe. Never leave a battery charger unattended. The Ready To Fly (RTF) version of Walkera QR Y100 quadcopter comes with DEVO 4 transmitter or the remote control with which you operate the drone. Through the 2.4Ghz frequency, the transmitter sends the instructions to the receiver on the drone. Use the free app to get more from your Walkera QR Y100 drone. The app is available for all Apple iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. In the so-called ‘Gravity Mode’, you operate the drone by moving your smartphone or tablet up and down.

The drone is equipped with a FPV camera. The images of the built-in camera can be tracked on your smartphone or ipad. The drone is equipped with First Person View (FPV) technology. Via FPV you can look real-time from the driver’s seat. Through your smartphone you can watch the live images of the drone during the flight. The flight control system of the QR Y100 utilizes a high precision 6-axis gyro offering extremely stable flight characteristics. This makes it easy for beginners and makes for very precise control that experienced users will enjoy also. Great for FPV flying as the model is very stable.


The QR Y100 is Walkera’s newest FPV mini hexacopter and is becoming very popular for good reason. This mini hexa has an on-board camera capable of sending back a live HD video feed via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to your IOS or Android device. It can even be flown from your mobile device meaning that you can fly it without a transmitter if you’d like. For those of you that prefer to fly with the traditional R/C transmitter, you can do so and still watch the live video feed via wi-fi on your phone or Tablet! You can Buy From RCMOMENT at $97.15 use our Special Discount Code: QRY100 and 120 points to enjoy The Best price, only two units left for clearance sale


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