WalkingPad R2: A Comprehensive Review of the Innovative Treadmill


Do some people always say to pay IQ tax? Did it detail analysis and evaluation, to tell the truth: Veteran users professionally evaluate WalkingPad R2 material: the fuselage looks light, fashionable, and thin; the treadmill width: is enough for home use, which is a good saving. The proper size of the indoor space: It is hushed. If you listen to music or watch TV, you will not hear the sound of the WalkingPad R2. Reasonable, space-saving to the greatest extent, it can be exercised without too much space at home. The difficulty of storage: I like the design of the head roller very much. It is so important that it will be troublesome without it. The material of the roller is also excellent; there is no sound when running on the floor tiles, there is a certain degree of elasticity, and the sliding is very smooth. The second half can be folded, and it can be stored to save space. Other features: I chose the WalkingPad R2 mainly because of its simple and elegant design, no stupid head, and easy operation. I prefer to put the remote control on my hand to control it manually. The font on the screen is large enough and clear, and the data Yes, speed, distance, time, etc. You can also check WalkingPad X21 VS WalkingPad R2 Comparision Review here.

Foldable, does not take up space, easy to operate, not loud, functional, great. Logistics is also super fast.
The delivery is fast, and the delivery is home. I am delighted with the treadmill; it does not take up space, is easy to use, and runs well!

I received the delivery the next day after placing the order, which is very fast! It’s not bad that such a large item is delivered to the house. I turned on the machine and was very satisfied. I could hardly find anything to criticize. Good things are not cheap, and cheap things are not good. WalkingPad R2 Treadmill is better than R1. After running for two hours, everyone responded flexibly and was very satisfied.

Very good, I bought the first generation before, and the gap is too big. This generation can be controlled by Tmall Genie, which is very good. I also bought one for my parents. It is acceptable for light exercise. Awesome It’It’s convenient to fold up, you can put it anywhere you want, and you don’t have to worry about taking up space when you’re not running.

I received the goods the next day after I placed the order, and the master came to deliver the goods early in the morning. It was tough for the master to deliver the goods directly upstairs without the elevator on the sixth floor! After turning on the machine, my daughter was the first to try it. She likes this treadmill very much. The child can control the on and off and adjust the speed by himself. This has become her big toy. The exercise starts with a doll!

The treadmill has been received; I am pretty satisfied, the logistics are speedy, and the packaging is complete. I bought another product with a loud sound before and was not happy. I returned it. I tried this one, and the sound is minimal, and I am delighted. It saves space when folded, and the shape is also very avant-garde. So far, I am happy!

It is straightforward to use, the latest model, the speed 6, is just suitable for running, it is beneficial when watching dramas, it is comfortable for walking, and it can also be used for running. The remote control is easy to use and very convenient. Hahaha, I don’t regret buying it. It’s much better than ordinary treadmills. This is very smart, and I use it every day. I hope I can stick to it and achieve the goal of fitness and weight loss. Come on, haha Haha, this one can also display calories, which is very good.

The logistics must be greatly praised. This speed is incredible. How about the WalkingPadR2? I bought it yesterday, and it arrived today. It is just suitable for the home. I will insist on exercising and using it for a
few weeks. I am here to comment. The treadmill is very well-made and very thick. There is no sound when walking and no significant movement when it is adjusted to running speed, except for the sound of my footsteps. Both individuals and families are delighted! I love this machine.

It’s straightforward to use~ It’s excellent that a home treadmill can do this! But it still needs some space, which
is quite surprising! First, it does not need to be installed; it can be used immediately, which is very convenient. No sound. It can be folded at ordinary times without taking up space. These fit my requirements! I specially checked the width and bought it because the family has a tall male owner. Now I run every day, exercise and health, very good!

The delivery is fast. The WalkingPad R2 Treadmill is excellent. It is cumbersome. It feels the same as a giant treadmill when running. The size is correct, it is easy to store, and the price is favorable. It is much smaller than ordinary treadmills, and those tens of thousands of treadmills with screens feel that many functions are unnecessary. Still, this product is cost-effective, and I will recommend it to friends and relatives. The app has many courses, and the treadmill will exercise synchronously according to the trails! At the same time, after exercising, it will record the calories consumed every day, and I am delighted!

Other features: easy to use, compact structure, stable operation, and easy operation. (I used it for a week, and it feels good.) The process of grabbing an order on 6.16 was a bit torturous. I couldn’t find the goods in the middle of Jingdong’s delivery. After receiving it, there was a problem with the ups and downs. Hahaha, this is the first time I have grabbed a treadmill too! The 3km/h of the E1 basic model is also relatively fast. It feels good to put a mobile phone on it! Width of the treadmill: quite wide. In fact, the size of the sound: regular sound Product material: great Shuhua’s treadmill It was done quickly at the door. After a small trial, it felt good. The slope and speed can be adjusted.

The width of the running belt feels sufficient. The width of the treadmill: is just right, my height of 175 does not feel narrow at all, and it is very spacious for running. Occupation size: It occupies a larger area than some flat-panel tests, but the safety and stability are also better. Other features: The Bluetooth connection is relatively fast, and the synchronization with the machine is also good. So far, so good, no problems. To tell the truth: The professional evaluation of old users reads the manual, and the installation is straightforward. The speed can be adjusted in multiple modes. The length and width of the runway are moderate. The material of the big brand feels good. Very good like it.

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