WalkingPad R2 Review – Smart Folding Walking Treadmill at $779.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


Like its predecessor R1 WalkingPad, the new 2021 R2 treadmill model has a lot of upgrades. , Foldable design lets you free up even more space. Kingsmith Walkingpad R2 is safe for the whole family to work out. Also, it has a remote and a phone holder with a handrail. There is Adaptive Speed Control Technology that monitors the user’s steps and their position. Thus, it can respond quickly to your intent. So, it adjusts the speed according to your walking or running intent. Plus, there is the Automatic Mode and Manual Mode for using it according to your training plan.


The Kingsmith R2 Walking Pad is designed to keep you exercising for longer periods of time. Thanks to its multi-layer construction, the joints in your legs won’t get tired or sore. The Walkingpad R2 is extremely stable and durable, this treadmill can support up to 110kg but is also very light and thin. The net weight of the WalkingPad R2 treadmill when unfolded is 37 kilograms, offering you a relatively generous area for running with dimensions of 120 x 44 cm. Thanks to the simple folding mechanism, you can fold it once or twice, in addition, it will not take up much space in your apartment or house. This Kingsmith R2 Walking Pad is very small compared to the treadmill as a whole, when folded it only takes up about half a meter, so it is very suitable for those of us who live in apartments or houses with limited space.

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WalkingPad R2 has an upgraded LED display that shows calories, speed, time. With the display, you have a full overview of useful data during your training session. WalkingPad R2 also has its own app that gives you full insight into progression and, ongoing and previous workouts. The WalkingPad R2 has a 4-layer treadmill designed to absorb shocks and noise. The unique strap ensures good cushioning, low noise, and a comfortable workout with minimal strain. Traditional treadmills often make more noise than desired, making it difficult to watch TV, listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Then it’s good that the WalkingPad R2 is so quiet that you can enjoy your favorite series while burning calories.

With the WalkingPad R2 treadmill, you can run in the comfort of your home, in any weather. This is the biggest advantage of devices of this kind. Whether it’s warm, cold, raining or snowing outside, you can run your miles at any time. There are two basic modes. In the automatic one, the speed is regulated in the range from 0,5 km / h to 6 km / h. Manual mode allows you to set the maximum speed to 10 km / h. You can also control the belt with a handy remote control. Advanced pressure sensors monitor your every move, adjusting the belt speed to your current pace. You don’t have to worry about anything like that. When the device detects that you are accelerating, it also adds to the speed. Without having to do anything, everything happens automatically.


Are you too busy to go to the gym? Or trapped at home due to coronavirus quarantine and unable to do anything? Don’t worry, with the new 2021 Kingsmith Walkingpad R2 you can exercise safely and comfortably. With its small, foldable design, this treadmill does not take up space, unlike a treadmill that is very large. The Kingsmith Walkingpad R2 is the best choice for a daily workout that will no longer distract you at home. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $779.99 BY using Coupon Code: GKBFAST15 For a Limited Time.


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