We review the BlitzWolf AIRAUX AA-UM10 TWS Earphones and I have to say….they are good! Grab them now with coupon from Banggood


I know BlitzWolf very well and I have many gadgets of its own products. One of them is the new BlitzWolf® AIRAUX AA-UM10 TWS wireless headphones, which I brought from Banggood to introduce to you. It is true that they have an appearance reminiscent of airpods, but they give a very good sound with a great response to the microphone. Note, I have a coupon for you at the end of the article to get them for only US$34.99!

The BlitzWolf AIRAUX AA-UM10 TWS Earphones came from Banggood without any problems. and that’s normal, since if you order them, they will come to you with Banggood Express which has no problem with VAT or customs. The box that came to me is a simple square box, with the photo of the headphones on the top and their name, while at the bottom, you can see only the model, the size of the battery they have and that they are made in China.

Inside the package you will find the headphone charging box with the headphones, a manual, a charging cable and the tips to put the one that suits your ear.


Model : AA-UM10
Maximum Noise Canceling Level : >-30dB
Battery Capacity of Earbuds : 45mAh
Battery Capacity of Charging Box: 400mAh
Charging Time Earbuds : 1.5h
Charging Time of Box : 2h
Play Time : 5h(ANC ON), 6h(Ordinary Mode), 5h(Low Delay)
Call Time : 4h(ANC ON), 5h(Ordinary Mode)
Bluetooth Version : V5.1
Waterproof Grade : IPX5

The BlitzWolf AIRAUX AA-UM10 TWS wireless earphones feature active noise cancellation. Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology (ANC), you have the best audio experience without annoying noise. It has a low latency function, thus making the synchronization of audio and video smooth combined with high performance in games. They present the realistic and subtle details of the sound, bringing to your ears an exceptional and powerful sound. Extremely long battery life, thanks to the 400mAh capacity of the charging box, gives a standby time of 720 hours. The headphones are waterproof for rain and sweat thanks to their IPX5 certification.

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The BlitzWolf AIRAUX AA-UM10 TWS wireless headphones can be yours for just US$34.99 from CN using the BG64bec8 coupon from Banggood.

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