We review the Mibro Air – A very good smartwatch, with less than € 25 to get it from Poland!


The Mibro Air is a smartwatch that appeared on the market recently. I was lucky enough to be sent one to review it. The smartwatch came to me from Poland, so no problem with customs. Till it arrive to me, I found some info for it witch showed to me that the smartwatch is very promising! So I was really anxious to get it in my hands and examine it!

The Mibro Air as I told you came to me from Poland, from the Aliexpress. Opening the package, came across a nice box, with the image of the smartwatch and the name Mibro Air on top and on the bottom side some info for it and what contains the box.

The Mibro Air Smartwatch is essentially the XPAW001 model. The diameter of the watch is 42mm, while its thickness is 9.2mm. The strap has a width of 20mm and unfolded reaches a length of 248mm. Its total weight with the strap is only 40g. The Mibro Air is made out of metal, rubber and ABS. Its screen is TFT, 1.28″ with a resolution of 240 x 240. Its battery has a capacity of 200mAh. To charge the watch, it charges magnetically through the cable inside the package. It connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth V5.0. It is certified IP68 for dust and water and can operate at temperatures -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃!

Mibro Air supports 12 sport modes: Outdoors, walking, cycling, Alpinism, spinning, Yoga, Indoors, Elliptical mac, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Free training. The watch itself supports 5 languages – French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian. As for the calls, it does not show who is calling you, while it does not have a button to reject, mute or answer the call. It only shows a green phone that they are calling you. Another problem I had was that I NEVER managed to see the weather. The watch was connected to the application, the application had rights for GPS or whatever needed, but I never saw it for a long time! Who is responsible for this problem, I guess the app is, but after many attempts I just stopped trying.

The application used by Mibro Air is the Mibro Fit. The application is good, if it worked properly. It has some watchfaces that are immediately transferred to the watch. Also with the watch if you are a woman, it also supports tracking your cycle, a useful feature. From what I saw, the app was updated yesterday, February 1st, so I hope all the problems I found and mention in the video to be solved.

Check now my video review that I made with the previous version of the app Mibro Fit.

My conclusion for the Mibro Air…the smartwatch is very good. I really liked the menu as you move it around, the features, the design. I didn’t like the app that I came across, so I hope the new version that appeared yesterday to change all these and to support this very good smartwatch! You can get it from aliexpress where I was sent, with a 3$ discount using the coupon MIBROAIR2020 and for only 29.99$!  By the way, you can also buy from its official.

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