Weekly Coupon Deals by Banggood – How to buy more with less money!


Banggood except from the Unbeatable picks that we already have reviewed, is giving a pack of coupon for various items, so we can buy them spending less money! Is that really great!? And what is more great from that is that this list is renewed every Friday! So let us have a look what we can buy till this Friday, and return after that back for a completely new list.


As we see this week deal, ends up in less than 3 and a half days so you must hurry up to buy them all if you want to get them in time….


The weekly Coupon Deals are separated in 4 different categories so we can find whatever we want more easy and with less trouble.

Highly Recommended

In this list, Banggod has 2 very interesting and useful picks for us men. One is a Jeep Rich Men Outdoor Jacket Size S-5XL which with the coupon BGM301, you get 8% off the price and becomes $61.79.  The jacket is made out of cotton up to 95%, for outdoor use, size up to (US)size 5XL. Comes with a casual style, multi-pocket, suitable for many occasions. Wearing it you feel very nice since the fabric that is made from is very soft and comfortable.

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The second pick is again for us men and as we see at the image above, is a Magnet Therapy Breathable Antibacterial Sanitarian Underwears. Using the coupon BGMU15, you will get a 15% discount at the price and will become $9.84. This Antibacterial Sanitarian Underwear features 18 magnets scientifically distributed so they can release magnetic energy for 24 hours, so there will be a warm effect, keeping away at the same time odor, itch and moisture. The underwear features coated points that have tourmaline minerals.

Coupon Deals

In this category, Banggood is giving coupons according to what we buy. So by buying underwear from the men’s collection, depending on the money we spend, we get some back. So for 20$ we get 2$ back, for 50$ we get 6$ back and for 80$ we get 15$ back. In order this to happen, we have to use the coupon BGUNDER. If you want to buy a beautiful sports watch for men, using the coupon currencoupon, you will have a 15% discount and you will be able to buy for just 11.04$!



If you are searching for backpacks, for the school, the office, for your journey, you can now order them from Banggood. Especially for business you will get an extra 10% discount at the final price, by using the coupon menbag2016. Discounts at the prices reach up to 40% in some backpack. Finally, since winter is coming, if you started searching for winter boots for women and men, Banggood gives you the opportunity to order your dream boots with a 10% discount at the final price. The only thing that you must do is to enter the coupon Boot10 in the end, before paying.

Hot Gadgets on Sale

In this section Banggood propose to us outfit, jackets, clothes, underwear, glasses, watches and shoes that we can get at a very low price, but with high quality. We can find Mens Cotton Outdoor Stand Collar Stitching Jacket for only $62.65 if we use the 10% OFF coupon BGMO10. We can find Men Winter Windproof Thick Warm Lightweight Jacket for only $33.76 if we use the 10% OFF coupon BGMO10. We can find ChArmkpR Mens Plus Big Size Multi-pocket Cargo Pants for only $48.59 if we use the 10% OFF coupon BGMO10. We can find Mens Mesh Breathable U-Condex Comfortable Modal Boxers for just $5.09 by using the 15% OFF coupon BGMU15.


We can find GT 54 GRAND TOURING Silicone Band Quartz Analog Sport Watch for only $3.41 if we use in the end the 10% OFF coupon 0e8b90. We can find Curren Fashion Leisure Sport Man Leather Analog Quartz Watch for just $11.04 with the 15% OFF coupon currencoupon. We can find Unisex Knitted Beret Hat for $7.99 using the 10% OFF coupon MAS925. We can find Unisex Cotton Embroidery Stripe Beret Hat for just $7.99 with the 10% OFF code:MAS925.


We can find Unisex UV400 Steampunk Round Mirror Sunglasses with a final price of $8.99 with the 10% OFF coupon MAS925. We can find 5.5/6 Inch Men Tactical Waist Bags Outdoor Sport Mobile Phone Case for just $7.64 using the 15% OFF coupon 0277b1. We can also find Men Oxfords Casual Formal Business Oxfords Shoes for the final price of $29.61 and  Mens Casual Business Leather Shoes for the final price of $30.79 if we use in both cases the 28% OFF coupon Deals12.


Top Promotions

In this section we will find unbeatable deals up to 57% off, Home Collection from 0.99$, mobile Ulefone Tiger Presale from just 99.99$ and finally outfits and gadget for riding in the winter with 10% off at the final price using the coupon 201610.





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