Welcoming Senior Parents Home: 6 Things To Prepare


Frequently, families wonder how best to help an aging relative when they live longer and need more care. The idea of modifying your home to accommodate another person’s needs can be daunting for some. However, experts say the trend will likely continue as the population grows older. If you’re considering this move, consider their advice. Often, people think their house will turn out like a hospital, and they don’t want it to look bad. However, there are several things you can do that will blend into that decor and make it feel more like home.

There are simple changes that don’t cost a lot of money but can have a big impact. For example, many homes have pets, which pose a severe fall risk to senior parents. To prevent tripping, experts recommend that you give the older person a secure area for their pets to move around in. Getting rid of your animal is not necessary. However, you should also keep them at bay. It is also important to be wary of any sudden flooring surfaces, such as transitioning from tile to wood or carpet.

Additionally, throw rugs are a hazard to people using walkers, as equipment can clear the front but become entangled in the back. An electrical cord is another danger. Lighting is also a problem. Age increases the risk of cataracts and will make it more challenging to see in dim light. The importance of home safety tactics that preserve independence is something we all know and can easily see for ourselves. Listed below are six things you want to do to prepare for your elderly loved ones and guests.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are perhaps the most helpful product for the elderly living alone. Staying safe on your feet includes getting up from the toilet independently, entering and exiting the shower safely, and standing up from the bathroom. Various kinds of grab bars are available. Some grab bars require suction and others that require installation. They are both tops in their classes. In most situations, the installed option would be the best because of its durability, but it cannot be used in every case. A suction grab bar’s main advantage is that you can transport it with you wherever you go! Regardless, either solution will be better for you.

Mobile Technology

Mobile and wearable technology are not strictly for those who want to track their running distance. Seniors can wear or use products from some cellular service providers that will alert emergency services if required. Technology like these enhances the use of mobile phones by seniors as well. As an example, mobile phone sound amplifiers. Seniors with hearing difficulties can benefit from this sound amplifier because it increases the call volume by up to 40 decibels. It is easily paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth and has an adjustable volume button. For those with vision impairments, you can also get customized phones, particularly those with larger lettering. Many older adults can continue to live their independent lives using today’s technology and design innovations while maintaining secure connections with their loved ones.

Bed Levers

It is imperative to be comfortable in bed. As we age, getting into and out of bed becomes more complex, and beds levers provide a beneficial mobility aid. Located approximately one-third of the way down the bed, the grab bar provides your parents with something to hold onto when getting into bed (it is, therefore, a good choice for those who have difficulty keeping their balance). This bed transfer aid can be used to support when your parent is lying down, making it easier for them to get up or turn over in bed. Several bed aids can be easily inserted between the mattress and bed frame. Additionally, free-standing styles are available.

Shower Chair

It shouldn’t be difficult to balance while showering. Sit and relax while getting a shower. People with limited mobility or higher fall risks can take showers independently much longer with a shower chair. Having the right medical shower chair requires no tools for assembly, has a removable back to provide extra support and comes made from lightweight, rust-proof aluminum that is sturdy. Additionally, the legs should be wide to ensure stability. Also, consider getting a toilet frame alongside the shower chair. A toilet frame is a great solution to assist with stability when it’s impossible to fit grab rails around. Elders can use it when they need to pull themselves up from or lower themselves down on the toilet seat.

Grabber Sticks

Our hands become weaker as we age, and picking something up from the ground, holding it in our feeble hands, or reaching up high becomes harder. Grabber sticks are an easy way to make sure your parents stay safe while performing these actions (making them feel independent). Help them stay off the stepping stool and protect their backs! They can get items from the top shelf, from the floor, or from behind furniture. Grabber sticks can be either folded or fixed. Your preference should be taken into account. Also, tailor the length of the reaching aid/grabber stick to meet the needs of the individual. When such tools are available, it’s easier to do things like loading the washing machine or picking up fallen letters.

Motion Sensor Lights

It is widespread for senior citizens to fall over at night, mainly when they rush to the toilet in the middle of the night. Smart motion sensor lights can be easily installed into free outlets and will automatically turn on when a person passes within five meters of the light. It only operates in darkness to conserve electricity, and it stays on for 30 seconds. This type of lamp is perfect for people who share rooms with others and don’t want to wake anyone by turning on the main light or lighting up the hallways. Using it should lower the risk of seniors falling at night, making them safer at home.

Mobility and safety are constant concerns for many people with aging parents who live at home. A decline in agility and sturdiness can lead to senior falls and severe injuries and turn once simple tasks into increasingly complex ones, such as getting up, dressing, and doing personal hygiene. Nonetheless, with the items on this list, you can be sure that your elder family members will be safer on their own.


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