Wewow A5 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer: Support Face Tracking Gestures For Smartphone & Action Camera| Price Just $99.99


Wewow A5 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal is a cost-effective choice for those who enjoy taking videos with their smartphone. The A5 from Wewow is a motorized 3-axis battery powered gimbal designed to stabilize your Smartphone and up and other smartphones in order to avoid camera shaking and help you shoot professional looking video with just your phone.

The 3-axis stabilizer whose pitch and roll axis can rotate from 0 to 320 degree, allows you to change the horizontal mode into the vertical mode quickly by pressing a button. Made of solid compound material, the gimbal can handle up to 300g payload, which means that it supports nearly 98 percent phones on the market. Moreover, the sliding arm makes it convenient to balance the phone so you can start filming immediately. It’s very suitable for travelling, sports, party or other similar scenarios.

The control interface adopts an advanced acupressure dial design, through which you can quickly switch the front and rear lenses, set the camera mode manually, and so on. Combined with the APP, you can unlock more functions, making it easier to operate with one hand. The biggest highlight of this 3-axis intelligent stabilizer is smart face tracking. After positioning and locking the face in the shooting screen by the APP, the stabilizer automatically tracks according to the direction of the person to be shot, making people hooked.

The official name of a fully charged battery is available for about 5 hours. This statement is confirmed through actual use. The built-in battery has a built-in battery that can be directly charged through the Micro USB port on the camera body. It can be used to connect the charging treasure and other power supplies anytime and anywhere to charge the stabilizer. It can meet most daily shooting needs.

This stabilizer’s heading axis is connected to the handle. Built-in No. 1 motor is mainly responsible for left and right stability. It can rotate around 320 degrees (between minus 160 degrees and plus 160 degrees). Extremely easy to use, you’ll have professional framing and smooth shake-free cameras. The battery capacity of 2200 mAh is charged via a USB port and one charge provides 4 hours of active operation.

With the multifunctional button, you can easily shoot photos and start recording without the need to spin on the phone screen, and tracking of the subject is also supported, so this camera will automatically rotate the camera to make the selected object or face always in the picture. Wewow A5 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal is now avaialble on TOMTOP Just at $99.99.


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