What are some of the greatest accessories for an iPhone X in 2019?


Apple has recently launched its iPhone X and, it has already gained a thrilling fan following for all its exceptional features. The iPhone X comes packed with the world-class software and hardware that justifies its price. Whether you own the iPhone X or are planning to buy one, a phone is just not complete without the accessories.

The markets are flooded with thousands of different accessories for iPhone X and it gets a bit confusing while choosing the best one for your device. Hence, we are here with a list of some of the greatest iPhone X accessories in 2019.

  1. Cases and Covers for iPhone X

When it comes to protecting your phone, nothing works as good as a robust case. From simple mobile covers to sleek and elegant ones, there is a huge variety of iPhone X cases available. Cases are one of the most important mobile phone accessories.

  • The Fone Stuff iPhone X Strawberry Cover


Add a fruity touch to your iPhone X with this Strawberry design cover that protects your device just in style. Made up of TPU, the case is ideal for rugged use and provides full-fledged protection to your iPhone X. Enjoy precise cutouts while you use your phone while putting on this case.

  • The Fone Stuff iPhone X Leather Case


A cover that adds class to your iPhone X and shields it against accidental falls & mishaps. The best part is that you can ditch your wallets with this case as it has three different slots to carry all your cards and money. You can also double up the back cover to view movies and videos handsfree. The case is extremely reliable and locks your device with a magnetic strap. Choose between Black and White colours for your iPhone X.

  • Haweel iPhone X Underwater Case


Never miss out on the beautiful marine life while going for scuba diving. The underwater case houses your iPhone X securely with the aid of stainless steel screws and locks it with a strong buckle. Waterproof up to 40 metres, you can never say no to this case if you are an avid water sports lover.

  1. Chargers for iPhone X

Though a charger always accompanies your device, there are a few chargers available in the market that keeps your iPhone X juiced up while you are on the move and, you can’t miss on these mobile phone accessories.

  • Itian QI Wireless Charger Round Tab


Keeping your iPhone X charged is a priority as you can’t afford to miss on the important notifications.  The wireless charger tab is just perfect to charge your device without worrying about the power sockets. Furthermore, you can charge your phone using any USB device.

  • Baseus Dual Port USB Car Charger


Getting low on battery while travelling is one of the biggest nightmares of our life. But, we have a solution to it – the car charger by Baseus. Enjoy charging two of your devices simultaneously at a higher rate with this charger while you enjoy your road trip.

  • Haweel 4 Port USB Charger


How about charging not one or two but, four of your devices at the same time? Yes, it is possible with this four-port charger. With a high conversion rate, the charger charges all of your devices in just a few minutes. All the ports have a different output so that you can charge your iPhone X, iPads, or tablets efficiently.

  1. Earphones for iPhone X

Another important accessory that eases out your life is the earphone. Be it listening to your favourite music or talking with your loved ones headphones are a much-needed accessory when you wish to go handsfree.

  • The Fone Stuff Bluetooth Sports Headphones


Say goodbye to the tangling wires of your earphones while using these wireless headphones. They work effortlessly for a pairing distance of up to 16 m and have a battery capacity of 45mAh. The earplugs are sleek and lightweight that makes it easy to carry. Choose between four colour variants of Gold, White, Black, and Pink.

  • Ghostek Sodrop Bluetooth Headphones with Mic


Go for these headphones straight away if you love listening to music while hitting the gym or jogging. These headphones by Ghostek are Bluetooth enabled and are compatible with your iPhone X. With a high bass and treble, you can feel the music right from your heart.

  • Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth Headset


A Bluetooth headset comes handy while you are driving or when you wish to go handsfree. The headset works fine with your iPhone X and lets you accept or reject calls easily. It also features a voice command button and lets you check battery level, connection status, and more.

  1. Splitters for iPhone X

The most troublesome thing in iPhone is its common audio and charging jack. However, you can always overcome this limitation using a splitter.

  • The Fone Stuff 2 in 1 Splitter Cable


Charge your iPhone X with this cable while using your headphones. The cable is compact in size and fits in your bags comfortably. The Fone Stuff also gives you the privilege to choose between White and Black colours according to your iPhone X.

  • The Fone Stuff iPhone Lightning Splitter


The cable supports up to 48 KHz and 24-bit audio output keeping the sound quality of your iPhone X’s Lightning EarPods unaltered. The small size of the adapter makes it portable and lightweight so that you do not feel an extra bulk.


  1. Screen Protectors

No one likes a phone display with cracks on it and, thus it is essential to give your iPhone X’s screen ultimate protection. The screen protectors serve this purpose of your effectively.


  • Totu Design iPhone X Camera Lens Protector



The Ultra-thin 2.5D Anti-scratch HD Tempered Rear Camera Silver Lens Protector is here to provide ultimate protection to the rear camera of your Apple iPhone X. It comes with an oleophobic coating that is water resistant and also protects the lens against oil stains and fingerprint smudges.


  • The Fone Stuff iPhone X 3D Back Screen



It safeguards your iPhone X against any heartbreaking damage to the back that could occur with everyday use of the phone or mishandling, such as scratches, abrasions, bumps or falls. The back guard is only 0.1mm thick and provides a seamless fit to your iPhone X.


  • Mercury Goospery iPhone X Screen Protector


This screen protector is one of the best available in the market. The screen guard sticks to your iPhone X’s screen pretty well without creating bubbles. It is completely scratch-proof and anti-fingerprint. The next time when you accidentally drop your phone, this tempered glass will take care of everything.

Above mentioned were some of the prominent iPhone X accessories. Besides these, there are many more mobile phone accessories that ease out your work. It includes Holders & Mounts, Dust Plugs, Memory Cards, Cables, and Power Banks.


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