What is new in Minecraft How to Download Minecraft 1.20, APK


Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: evaluate fixed bugs, explore unique biomes, and use new items.

What is new in Minecraft

Timely bug fixes are the hallmark of Mojang Studios developers. That is why, quite unexpectedly for users, they decided to release a new Minecraft PE update. You can also check minecraft 1.20 download apk here.

Now the game will not hang when loading by 66 percent, and there will also be no problems when it is launched on iOS. Players who use RTX will be pleased that the inscriptions on the plates will be displayed even when it is turned on. You can check minecraft 1.20 apk here.

Finishing Steve’s armor

It’s no secret that all users of the cubic world have been waiting for the opportunity to decorate their armor for a long time. And now in Minecraft, it has appeared in full. The first thing required for this process is a blacksmith’s table and special templates.  You can also check minecraft 1.20 download apk here.

Players can find them all over the territory, and in different places, so their final drawing will vary. The only place in the cubic world where they cannot be found in the Ocean Monument. You can check minecraft 1.20 free download java edition apk here.

Cherry Orchard
The beautiful landscape attracts every player who visits this area at least once. Here the heroes are waiting for a lot of trees covered with pink flowers. In Cherry Grove, you can meet peace-loving creatures such as rabbits, sheep, or pigs.  You can download Minecraft PE here.

Be sure to visit this biome, because there are a lot of interesting things waiting for the heroes here in Minecraft PE Perhaps in the future, many more unusual and unique territories will appear in Trails & Tales Update.

Archaeological excavations
Another type of activity that is different from everything that was previously available has become available to the heroes in Minecraft PE You don’t need a lot of devices to practice archaeology, it’s enough just to craft a brush.

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