What is The Future Trend of all Screen Phone? Let’s Talk About Design and Aspect.


Apple announced the iPhone X last Tuesday and declared that iPhone X can be preordered on October 27 from Apple’s website. However, would you like to pay $999 or more for the iPhone X?

It is interesting that someone makes fun of the “ bang” of the iPhone X, and say that you shouldn’t use a selfie as wallpaper. In short, it seems like people don’t like the design for it breaking the completeness of a full screen.

There are more and more full display smartphones in the market now. New technology made the full screen within arm’s length, which is impossible in several years ago. So here we choose some popular full display smartphones to make a comparison and try to forecast what kind of full display design is the mainstream in the future.

Firstly, 18:9 is definitely the future of full display. None of these smartphones are designed in 16:9, the traditional aspect ratio. DOOGEE has launched 16:9 full display DOOGEE MIX this year, it is 在quite popular. Now they made one step ahead and built the MIX 2 in 18:9, which is certainly a good improvement.

The shapes of the display are various. SHARP S2 applied a “big chin” in the front and a display with an area of the camera in the middle, which makes it less “full” for the bezels below are too obvious. Xiaomi mi MIX2 has the same problem, apparently. There is another problem of this kind of design, that the corners of the display are easily broken, for they lost the protection of the bezels. So another full display design applied in Samsung S8 and DOOGEE MIX 2 is more acceptable. The bezels on top and bottom are narrowed down, so the size and grip are no difference comparing to iPhone X or xiaomi Mi Mix2.

Other than full display, there is something attracting out attention in DOOGEE MIX 2. It is the world’s first dual selfie camera on full display. Let alone the complex craftsmanship in building two cameras under the display, DOOGEE MIX 2 even applied a 130° wide angle camera which helps a lot to take a group selfie without selfie sticks. That makes DOOGEE MIX2 the only one device with a full display and 130° wide-angle selfie camera at the same time.

Latest news also showed that facial recognition will be available in DOOGEE MIX 2. Following iPhone X, it is the first Android smartphone who is applying the new technology. We will follow and see how good it works.

Last but not the least, DOOGEE is famous for launching really affordable smartphones, by inference, DOOGEE MIX 2 won’t drain out your pocket, either. The price of it could be around $200 or less, yet no official news about it now. Comparing to the $999 iPhone X, $600 xiaomi Mi Mix2, DOOGEE MIX 2 is no doubt the best cost-performance choice. Pre-order of DOOGEE MIX 2 has opened, visit DOOGEE official page and you can subscribe now.


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