What Motor Or Actuator Has The Most Precision?


One of the greatest challenges people come across when working with motors or actuators is the problem of precision. The ability for a motor or actuator to be able to hit the same spot on an object repeatedly in an accurate manner is very important. Oftentimes, repeatability can mean the same as precision, which is the major factor to consider when choosing a motor or an actuator for your positioning work.

The motor with the most precision is that which can return to a predetermined position in consecutive attempts. To say a motor or an actuator has the most precision, it must have proven over time that it can return to a particular position after time over successive attempts. Therefore, an actuator is said to have a high degree of precision if it has a high level of repeatability.

A typical actuator with a high degree of precision can achieve positions within the range of 1 m, while more precision is achieved in some cases. Over other factors, the repeatability spec of an actuator is what helps it to achieve high precision. Several types of motors or actuators with high precision have been developed, but a particular type stands out as the actuator with the most precision.

Servo Linear Actuator has proven over the years to have the most precision. This actuator type is known for its high precision work. It is not completely different from other linear motors, it is just exceptional for its high precision work. The servo motor consists of three main parts, the motor (a DC motor), a potentiometer ( a potentiometer is a resistor consisting of two or three terminals. The terminals on the resistor form a voltage divider through a contact. In a case whereby there are two terminals in the resistor, it acts more like a rheostat than a potentiometer), and lastly, a control circuit.

The control circuit and motor of the servo actuator are attached by the gears and it can also be used as the motor works of the system. The potentiometer in the servo linear system is capable of changing its resistance to allow the control circuit a better control over the energy used and energy put out by the system.

Servo Linear Actuator

A servo linear actuator permits precise control of angular or linear position, acceleration, and velocity. As a motor enclosed in a loop control system, it can rotate the parts of a machine at high speed and with high precision. The servo linear actuator is built with a sensor that gives positional feedback when in operation. So, it is a combination of a regular motor and a sensor. It is used in applications such as robotics, automated manufacturing, and CNC machinery.

It uses a closed-loop mechanism with positional feedback controlling its motion (speed) and final position (precision). The positional feedback system in the servo linear actuator is a factor responsible for the high precision in the system. The position is monitored through the sensor to ensure a high precision output. The feedback from the servo motor control loop helps the motor to arrive at the predetermined or desired position and velocity.

Since the servomotor or actuator makes use of a control loop with a positional feedback system, it is considered most reliable and most precise than other motors or actuators. The control loop in the servomotor is constantly monitoring and making necessary adjustments whenever there is an error. The control loop gives the servo linear actuator an advantage over other motors, including the stepper motor.

A stepper motor can be compared to a blind system because it doesn’t have a control loop like a servo linear actuator. When a stepper motor misses a step, there is no control loop to detect and compensate for the error. For this reason, the desired result may not be achievable.

A servo linear actuator constantly correct errors and drive the load to the desired position. It runs more smoothly and faster than many other motors, so choosing a servo linear actuator puts you at a great advantage.

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