What Will Xiaomi Announce at CES 2017, Xiaomi MI MIX White Version?


This year is the 50th anniversary of CES, and it is also the first time for Xiaomi to attend CES, which represents that Xiaomi will become International brand to start the North American market. Tomorrow Xiaomi will first show its new product with black technology at CES 2017, after its last innovative flagship, Xiaomi MI MIX, this time the press conference has made us worthwhile to wait.

Previously, Hugo Barra as vice CEO of Xiaomi has announced that they will release a new product at CES, most fans replied about their speculation, but Xiaomi said they will release a more revolutionary product than Xiaomi MI MIX, which is the concept bezel-less smartphone right now without mass production, so Xiaomi will bring more surprise out of our imagination.

And right now Xiaomi has released its official teaser and claims that Xiaomi MI MIX? Let’s see what we will do ? which means besides Xiaomi MI MIX, it will have more exciting product, and then they released the other poster to show the slogan, Hello, Future, and then Xiaomi MI TV shared this post on Weibo to claim, future is touchable, all surprise are in your eyes, are you looking forward to your new Xiaomi MI TV? So we can see the new Xiaomi MI TV will be one of the roles of this CES.

Besides Xiaomi MI MIX and Xiaomi MI TV, this time Xiaomi may release other products. At the page of CES 2017 Facebook, we can see Xiaomi ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, Xiaomi MI Drone, and other products show. After all, this is the best chance to enter into American market for Xiaomi, you can guess wildly about what Xiaomi will bring at CES.


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