Whichever Camera is Better: Is Meizu M6S or Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus?


This competition continues this year. The Meizu M6S and Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus smartphones, which both companies have launched on the market, are quite eye-catching with prices below $160. However, there is something that buyers want to know: Which smartphone has a better camera? The subject to be discussed in this article is exactly what this question answers. Samples taken at the same time and under the same objective conditions with both phones constitute the basic focal points of the writing.

Camera Specs

Launched in mid-January, Meizu M6s is equipped with quality camera duos with a 16MP main camera, using Samsung sensor with f / 2.0 aperture, 5 lens layer. In addition, the camera has the support of PDAF phase-focus technology and 2-tone LED flash. While the front of the machine will have the appearance of selfie camera 8MP, aperture f / 2.0 and the support of ArcSoft algorithm to identify and beautify the face.

The camera supports 1080p video @ 30fps.
Meizu M6s selfie camera with 8MP resolution, f / 2.0 aperture

For the Redmi 5 Plus, this device owns a 12MP main camera, which is typically found on high-end smartphones. However, the camera only comes with an f / 2.2 aperture lens, with the aid of phase-matching technology and a 2-tone LED flash for bright light conditions. Some of the other features of this camera are: 1.25 μm pixel size, geotagging, touch to focus, face detection, panorama, and HDR.

The camera supports 2160p video @ 30fps and 1080p @ 30fps.
The Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus selfie camera has a resolution of 8MP with 1080p video recording capability.

Overall, the Meizu M6s outperforms the lack of brightness with a larger aperture lens, and the Redmi 5 Plus outperforms its competitor in video capture. However, to get a more detailed assessment, let’s go to the camera comparison below.

Samples of normal camera mode effects

The overall effect of Redmi 5 Plus phone looks good and its long-range details are very bright, but the color saturation and actual effect are poor. As you can see in the blue sky appeared white phenomenon, and the actual effect seems poor and cold.

On another side, The Meizu M6S is beat it with really good results because its color saturation is very full, a high rate of film, color reproduction quite accurate, will not be too light or bright. Although the dark part of some cannot see the details, with the actual look close.

Samples of the main test under the backlight shooting, automatic mode prevails

Meizu M6S effect is similar to the real scene, there is no big difference, the sky is still there, not the sun’s light interference color.

The Redmi 5 Plus appeared white balance problem, warm color is obvious, but the sunshine light processing is very natural, the overall performance slightly.

Samples of HDR shooting effect

Meizu M6S HDR effect on the increase a little less, but the color reproduction is accurate, the sky is natural, there is no glare, and if you can brighten that it will a little more perfect.

The Redmi 5 Plus HDR effect appeared flaws, many tests as well, the sky over the blue rendering, the details of the road really stronger than the Meizu M6S, but the overall quality of the general performance, a little smear.

Samples of macro shooting, automatic mode prevail

Meizu M6S effect is more prominent, the macro blurring is in place, the petal texture is clearly visible, stamen details of the performance is not good, but warm light interference, looks very clean, f / 2.0 aperture assimilation effect or worthy of recognition.

The Redmi 5 Plus resolution appeared somewhat poor performance, stained smear phenomenon, but the petals texture is clear, but the enhancement is not high enough, the overall slightly over-warming.

Samples of indoor automatic testing of complex light mode

The Redmi 5 Plus performance is awesome and its overall effect is outstanding, the lighting control is very good, and the real scenery slightly, but the details slightly smear and local noise grainy, and if you can brighten that it will a little more perfect.

TheMeizu M6S overall effect was a too light explosion, the details of the image is good and clear, but the overall noise is more pronounced.

Samples of Night capturing

The Redmi 5 Plus the overall effect of color close to real, but there is a lot of smear details of the image, the color saturation is good, but there are a large number of noise particles locally, the entire screen is not pure enough, not Denying warm colors is a big help for night scenes.

The Meizu M6S effect is slightly colder, red color deviation, but the screen highlight, sharpness, shadow part has been well preserved, there is no obvious smear. However, one major drawback to the Meizu M6s is its huge size. It usually has a capacity of 10 to 15MB, much larger than the 5MB of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.


Overall, the Xiaom Redmi 5 Plus is especially suited for younger users, because the camera always produces eye-catching photos, almost without much color correction. While the Meizu M6s emphasize authenticity, the colors are not pushed too far and the picture details are better than the ones from Xiaomi. Hopefully, after this article, le you will choose the product that suits your needs.

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