Why Backdoor Accusations Continue for Xiaomi!?


From the past, Xiaomi was accused that could install apps in the company mobile, without the user to know. Now, a student from the Netherlands is reporting that a certain app that can be found in many Xiaomi mobiles, such as the Xiaomi Mi4, could be a potential backdoor for hackers to install spyware.


Broenink, who is a Computer Science student from the Netherlands, says that has found an certain app which is running in the background, could be harmful. The name of the app is AnalyticsCore.apk and it runs in the background of some Xiaomi phones, according to Android Headlines. The app doesn’t seem to go away and would reappear even if deleted.

The app is reported to check every 24 hours for updates sending some kind of information to Xiaomi’s servers. It also automatically installs updates to phones even if the user isn’t aware of it. The response of Xiaomi to this was that the app, is part of the system apps of the MIUI system component. Its purpose is for data analysis aimed at improving customer experience.

Xiaomi also says that before an app or update is installed, the MIUI system check if the app’s signature is legitimate or not. If it is not, then MIUI would inform you to change the option hidden in the system to let the app get installed. Xiaomi has said that the AnalyticsCore.apk has a self-upgrade feature.

From time to time, most of the companies have been accused of installing or tracking users mobiles, but never has been found a solid proof. What do you think. Is your Xiaomi mobile accessed by Xiaomi through some backdoor!?


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