Why Delta exchange is destined to catch up with Bitmex sooner than later?


Bitmex’s phenomenal rise to the crescendo of the crypto derivatives world is unarguably testament of its investor friendly features. The eye popping success of platforms like Bitmex and Deribit have shown the way to other emerging derivative platforms, who are desperately seeking to stake and chart their own success in the highly lucrative crypto investment market. Delta Exchange, a platform that was formed as early as 2018, is today amongst the several emerging platforms that is desperate to succeed in this enormously challenging quest.    

However, several industry experts have already drawn the conclusion that Delta is destined for some sort of greatness in the crypto derivatives world. This supposedly will enable this rapidly emerging platform to catch up with Bitmex and Deribit in immediate future. Now critics and skeptics will be quick to dismiss this as a hasty conclusion or case of misplaced confidence. But a closer look will reveal that this bold conclusion is indeed based on fundamental facts and wisdom.

This insightful article seeks to bring those very facts to the fore that will slay any doubts about Delta Exchange’s potential to catch up with Bitmex in near future. But before we start baring out these facts in great detail, we would like to share about how philosophy of ‘simplicity’ has helped Delta Exchange in reaping rich dividends. In today’s highly competitive world where everyone is trying to be original, Delta surprisingly chose to follow the same template that was laid down by Betmix and Deribit. But it followed these templates with greater efficiency and by doing so it raised the benchmark of crypto derivatives to new high. And investors were more than happy to take note of how a new platform was redefining the crypto derivatives industry by doing simple things with higher efficiency.

For instance, let us take the critical factor of liquidity. While other emerging platforms are still struggling to maintain adequate liquidity, Delta Exchange’s deep and reliable liquidity has left the crypto investment world deeply impressed. In other words, investors can completely forget about liquidity shortage affecting their investment plans while trading on Delta Exchange. Delta’s founders have always taken immeasurable pride in the fact that offering reliable liquidity 24/7 and 365 days is not merely formality but a matter of commitment towards its investors. A commitment that is fulfilled even when the market is going through a volatile period.

Other important features that define Delta Exchange’s simplicity are ‘leverage’ and ‘ease of trade.’ The platform offers maximum 100x on bitcoin & ethereum futures and 20x leverage on all the leading altcoins including Ravencoin, Atom, Binance Coin, Basic Authentication Token, ChainLink and Ripple. While availing the advantage of Leverage, investors obviously have the freedom to opt for short as well as long investment cycles. They can do this by opting for either futures contracts or perpetual contracts, with both these popular derivative products offering pretty much same features while differing on some important specifications.

Now Irrespective of whether investors opt for futures or perpetual contracts, investors will enjoy a hassle-free trading experience on Delta’s main trading terminal. The trading terminal that is characterized by a very simple and uncluttered interface makes even inexperienced investors at ease. Something that has Invariably helped the platform in achieving significant traction from investor community and thereby succeed in increasing its trading volumes in a very short span of time. This, by the way, again demonstrates how Delta has excelled by doing very basic things with greater efficiency.

To add further about ‘ease of trade’ then Delta’s mock trading feature has proved to be a major catalyst in winning over the confidence of investors; especially those who are completely new to crypto investment as well as online trading.

While adherence to principle of simplicity has no doubt helped in fueling Delta’s meteoric rise, the platform also boosts exclusive features like Stablecoin or USDC settlement futures. Today Delta is one of the few derivative exchanges that offers stablecoin settlement swaps & futures and this has enormously helped in calming down the frayed nerves of investors. It must be noted that stablecoins help in stabilizing price volatility of cryptocurrencies and as a result help investors in controlling their potential losses. And which investors doesn’t want protection against price volatility, a critical fact that again underscores how ‘stablecoin settlement’ feature must have aided in increasing Delta Exchange’s popularity.

All said and done, all the above facts points towards one conclusive argument. The argument being that industry experts claim that Delta Exchange is destined to catch up with Bitmex sooner than later is not an hyperbole or exaggeration. While some critics will still argue that only time will prove whether this hypothesis is right or wrong, there can be little doubt that Delta Exchange’s steady rise has already become a new talking point in the crypto derivative industry.



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