Why Do You Choose Chuwi CoreBox i5 Mini PC as Your New One?


Chuwi has recently released a Chuwi CoreBox i5 Mini PC. Although the size of the CoreBox i5 equals a 2-liter bottle, the performance is exceptional. The Chuwi CoreBox i5 can position both horizontally and vertically, taking up very little space on the desk. The design is simple and minimal, also the advantage offered by its small size compared to a traditional host computer is evident. Nonetheless, it has handles on both sides of the case to facilitate positioning. The biggest highlight is that it is equipped with an Intel’s god-level processor. Intel i5-5257U processor. Why do you choose Chuwi CoreBox i5 Mini PC as your new one? you just have to keep reading the post.

The design is simple and elegant, but the real peculiarity remains the ultra-slim size that characterizes the Chinese company’s PC. And although the dimensions are ultra-compact, enough to compare to that of a 2-liter bottle, the company promises exceptional performance. The device is placed in a metal housing that allows installation in horizontal and vertical positions. The weight is about 800 grams.

In terms of performance, it has an Intel Core i5 5257U processor with turbo frequency up to 3.1 GHz. In addition to normal daily use, 3D graphic rendering, and graphic design, other scenarios can be developed without particular problems. The Iris Graphics 6100 graphics card is capable of decoding 4K high-resolution movies and therefore offers a high-quality cinematic experience. Thanks to the 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD M.2 internal storage, the software starts quickly and responds quickly and efficiently. It also supports disk expansion2.5-inch hard drives for storing large files and documents.

Although the size of the Chuwi CoreBox i5 is rather small, connectivity is very high. Two monitors can connect to the two HDMI ports simultaneously. This possibility allows you to use a multiscreen working environment. For example, it is possible to place a secondary monitor side by side to improve the user experience during editing, programming, or music production. There are also 4-A USB 3.0 ports, interface for headphones and the microphone 3.5 mm. The connection network RJ45 gigabit, and connection DC charging.

In short, the new compact Chuwi CoreBox i5 not only offers the performance of a conventional PC. But thanks to its size it also offers great comfort during daily use. In addition, the Core i5 processor, 8Gb Ram, 256 GB SSD, and the different interfaces significantly improve the usability of this Box and make it a very convenient product as a compact PC for office and entertainment.

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Based on the excellent performance of the traditional PC, Chuwi CoreBox i5 is only 2L in volume, which brings a lot of convenience for daily use. Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB memory, and 256GB SSD combination. And abundant interfaces make it significantly more usable as an office and home entertainment PC. For More information about it visit on Official Chuwi Website.


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