Why you should buy Double E E668-003 RC Mobile Store Self-service Buffet Car Intelligent Coin Shopping Vehicle Toy, Review


Introduction: This is a 1/18 high mimic shrewd coin shopping auto. With the horn sound, shopping music, and barometrical lighting, the auto looks more alluring and similar. It can go ahead/in reverse, turn left and turn right. Give you a chance to encounter diverse emotions, have some good times.


 Double E E668-003 Vehicle Toy design is perfect, it comes in yellow colors, the toy owns the design as same as available in our daily lives. it has the intelligent coin system which appears if you use the coin in the toy. it can be easily controlled by the remote which helps you to play save and whatever you are doing it can be handled by easily.


There are many features includes the 1/18 scale RC self-benefit buffet auto, it can go ahead/in reverse and turn left/right with Super genuine shopping knowledge, insightful coin shopping. it also has Reproduction light, shopping environment light, and Reproduction of horn sound, shopping music. the toy has the fastest 2.4G transmitter, high obstruction protection capacity, fast reaction, high control precision.One of a kind appearance looks superb, an incredible present for kids.


Double E E668-003 Vehicle Toy itself is beautiful design toy with lots of different features. it is easily available on RCMOMENT with the price of $37.49. For more discount Use coupon code: SALE10 and 120 points to enjoy price


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