Will Xiaomi lunch a 360° Camera tomorrow!?


Xiaomi is ready to announce a lot of new items the next following days. Earlier today, at the company’s official Weibo account it was posted a moving gif of a spinning ballerina. The text that the image had in Chinese, if someone translates it says ”360° Panorama” and ”All angles can be seen”. This could be a hint of a launch of a 360° camera.


Xiaomi has already 4 cameras (Yi Action camera, Yi home cameras 720p and 1080p, and Yi dash camera), all as XiaoYi brand name.

Lately the market of the 360° cameras grow as media giants like YouTube and Facebook are 2 of the big names that support uploads of 360° videos and photos. If we add to this market and the growth of need for VR glasses which have become more mainstream and affordable, many will want to find good cameras which can record at high quality 360° content.

The launch is planned to take place tomorrow at the Xiaomi Mall.

From what we know, the camera has been found about 1-2 months ago from a moderator of the Greek Xiaomi MIUI forum, Maddoctor, who is the person in charge of the translation of the Yi Home app to the Greek language. According to what we have seen, there is a image of a 360° camera in the app of Yi Home, which is called Yi Dome Camera

Screenshot_2016-07-20-17-03-52-919_com ants360 yicamera

Is Xiaomi gonna announce tomorrow Yi Dome Camera!? We all gonna see…


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