Will Xiaomi Pinecone V970 Surge S2 Used on Xiaomi MI6S Kill Snapdragon 835 Processor?


Right now Xiaomi has its own processor which plays very important role for their smartphones, because they can plan their products with difference better, and after they use their own processor, they can reduce the cost of smartphone.

As you know, last month, Xiaomi has released its first own processor, Pinecone Surge S1, which first used on Xiaomi MI5C which is ultra light and beautiful smartphone. According to latest news, Pinecone electronics has cooperated with TSMC to produce next generation Octa core processor, Surge S2 five module chipset by using 16nm processing, currently they have finished the sample, estimated to be in mass production in the third quarter, and in fourth quarter, it will be used on Xiaomi smartphones officially.

As for why not use 10nm processing, because this processing has low yield, and 10nm has spent too much cost, it is a good choice for Xiaomi to use Surge S2 with 16nm instead of 10nm.

From the preparation of Xiaomi, the higher-end processor will be in plan, and according to previous news, Pinecone V970 high-end SoC will use 4×Cortex-A73+4×Cortex-A53 Octa core, big core main frequency is up to 2.7GHz, small core up to 2.0Ghz. Meanwhile, it is equipped with Mali G71 MP12 GPU, 900MHz main frequency speed. It will use 10nm processor same as Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, produced by Samsung.

Therefore, according to this plan, we believe Xiaomi MI6S will use Pinecone V970 Surge S2 processor, stay tuned.


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