Will you pick trick or treat with these sweet and sour Slots?


Over the years, online slot games have continued to rise in popularity, becoming a beloved pastime for many. With this in mind, Slots developers have relentlessly brought out more and more themes and storylines to the table, ensuring that there’s the perfect game for everyone! Whether you like a walk on the wild side, or would rather take a walk in the park, read on to discover which slot is right for you!


Here you have the sour slot of the bunch, inspired by spooky skeletons and things that go bump in the night! There are 262,000 powerlines, going from left to right, with a huge potential to generate some big wins. Gameplay begins from as little as £0.10 credits, and that’s all that’s required to be in with the chance of bagging 18 free spins. To trigger the free spin bonus round you need to roll in a minimum of three free spin symbols at a time. But, to win big, you’ll need to find six of these symbols if you want to be benefiting from those 18 free spins!

There are two extra features that can be triggered in this slot – the Reels Smasher and Massive Smash Reactor. The Reels Smasher bonus allows all six of the reels to begin smashing away at over eight symbols, further increasing the chances of winning. The bigger bonus in this game is the Massive Smash Reactor round, which causes the reels to smash and react with each other until winning paylines are eventually formed, or a free spins bonus is activated.

Skulls is a boisterous slot, that is not afraid of causing a stir. With the reels smashing and symbols flying across the screen, you’ll certainly feel like you’ve earned your win with this game!


Wipe off your Halloween face paint as we now enter a romantic side of the Slots adventure. Filled with charm, this game gives you the chance to sweet talk your way to a progressive jackpot that’s worth over £50,000! Set across five reels and 25 paylines, you can get these reels spinning from as little as £0.01. The object of the game is to woo the beautiful Miss Esmeralda, by making the most of your stake when playing this slot.

With Esmeralda using a fixed table of payouts, you’ll quickly find that the five wilds in this game will give up to 15,000x your line. But if you want to take things up a notch then keep reading! The progressive Slots that we mentioned before are available to you, if you end up staking the following:

  • £2 – for jackpots capable of paying out up to £10,000
  • £5 – for jackpots that can pay out up to £60,000
  • £10 – for jackpots capable of topping up to £70,000
  • £25 – for jackpots offering out up to £300,000

If that’s not enough to get your blood pumping, then how about some free spins! Roll in eight or more scatters, in the form of red roses, and you’ll have a chance of unlocking prizes worth up to 30x your first bet, as well an impressive 70 free spins.


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