Wingsland Minivet M1 Review: Brushless GPS Drone with 5.8G FPV 12MP Camera For Just $249.99 at TOMTOP with Duty Free Shipping


The Wingsland Minivet M1 Drone is a very versatile and professional quadcopter. It’s 1080P FHD and the 12MP camera can capture incredible landscape images. This drone is also very easy to fly, due to the live feed displayed in first person view on the FPV LCD screen.

Buy Wingsland Minivet M1 Drone at $249.99


Bright orange coloring marks the Wingsland, which has a fixed-wing, rounded edge design. The central black plastic on the top side of the quadcopter covers the GPS indicator LEDs, as well as all the important mechanical bits to keep things operating smoothly during flight. The body is made of a lightweight plastic, which helps to extend the flight time to 25 minutes but may not fare so well in the event of a hard impact or high wind conditions. The 3-axis gimbal is enclosed in a spherical bubble, which hangs below the body of the drone attached to a square image stabilizer. The Minivet features a 5200mAh three-cell smart battery, which offers up to 25 minutes of flight time while reaching impressive speeds at up to 65 feet per second. This battery is normally only offered in drones that are at least twice the price of this unit.


The Wingsland Minivet M1’s camera is capable of recording 1080p video at 30fps and shoots still photos at 12 MP. It’s stabilized by a three-axis gimbal and can be controlled while simultaneously flying the aircraft. The controller supports left- and right-handed throttle control and can be freely switched between the two. It has eight 5.8 GHz channels for transmitting video from up to 1800′ away and ten 2.4 GHz channels for control from up to 2400′ away. In the event of signal loss, the Minivet returns to you automatically. Auto-return can also be triggered with a single keypress on the controller. Forward direction lock mode lets you automatically fly in the aircraft’s nose direction. The built-in OSD displays flight parameters, and the Minivet can store photos and videos on microSD cards up to 64GB in capacity. Brushless motors specialized design for multicopter, matched with newest compact design, to avoid vibration through high-precision balance tested propulsion system, which helps you act a show with speed and excited safety and a perfect combination of power and efficiency. Through more than 1000 hours Flight testing, WINGSLAND Industry Grade Intelligent FC System, with its perfect stabilization, high & reliable flight performance CPU makes its easy operation possible.


As a professional model of a quadcopter, the Wingsland Minivet M1 features are perfect for a variety of projects. The full HD 1080P FPV camera is phenomenal for capturing landscapes and other images, along with the high-quality live feed that you’ll be able to see on the FPV LCD screen. As a first-person view system, you will essentially see everything that the quadcopter sees while it’s in flight. Right now we can buy it from TOMTOP at $249.99 with Duty-Free Shipping

Buy Wingsland Minivet M1 Drone at $249.99


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