Wltoys 1/12 Rc Car 2.4G 4WD 50km/h High Speed in 56.09euro @Cafago Sale (Germany Warehouse)


Wltoys 1/12 Rc Car is an extraordinary decision for you. This vehicle has a free shockproof framework, you needn’t stress over it will get injured when heads off to someplace risky. Furnished with LED lights, it is beguiling around evening time. You can appreciate the fun even around evening time! An extra tire is remembered for case one of which is flawed. Try not to stop for a second to take it home and give this astonishment to your dearest kids!

Wltoys 1/12 Rc Car

Wltoys 1/12 Rc Car has a 540 brushed motor enormous foot RC vehicle with a quick of 50km/h. It especially needs to charge to guarantee work. Also, Its infers it can empower the battery to be consistently present and reliable voltage changed charged, making sure about the limit with respect to cheating and over-current of battery. Empowering the battery to have an extremely long assistance life. Arranged to run.

Wltoys 1/12 4WD electric climbing RC vehicle Use truly unimaginable brushed motor, 7.4V 1500mAh lithium battery, and 4 wheel driving, electric imperativeness changed over into power intensified, strong power force basically makes the vehicle easy to complete problematic moves. 2.4GHz full-scale coordinated controller system. Full-scale choke/controlling. With threatening to stay capacity, it empowers a couple of automobiles to race at the same time on a comparable track. 120-meter control detachment, running straightforwardly.

Wltoys 1/12 Rc Car

Wltoys 1/12 Rc Car

Wltoys 1/12 Rc Car planning as a rough terrain cart, and with huge haggles tires, it is fit to race any sort of field. Mud, grass, sand, whatever field you pick, they won’t challenge the Wltoys 4WD electric climbing RC vehicle. Because of its very good quality suspension and astounding 4-wheel drive framework this carriage is relentless! On account of its huge haggles outline Wltoys 1/12 4WD electric climbing RC vehicle is very accident safe. Dubious? We welcome you to challenge it and find how magnificent this beast truly is!

Wltoys 1/12 Rc Car

Wltoys 1/12 Rc Car is unquestionably intending to handle any territory. The completely useful and simple to-work transmitter allows you to direct your 1:12 scale vehicle forward and converse, left and right, so you’ll before long be amazing your mates with your driving abilities. Also, You can easily buy this from Cafago at 56.09euro

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