WLtoys XK Q818 Review: Optical Flow Drone with Dual Camera 720P For Just $46.99 at TOMTOP


WLtoys XK Q818 Drone with outstanding appearance and slick design is possessed of many strong functions such as Dual Camera, optical flow positioning, gesture taking photos and recording videos, altitude hold fly, follow me mode and way-point fly. The front positioned 720P HD camera, will provide high resolution that helps you capture every aerial moment. You will experience the safest and most fun flight ever!

Buy WLtoys XK Q818 Drone with Dual Camera 720P at $46.99


WLtoys XK Q818 Drone apart from other gadgets is that it has a unique design. Over time, all DJI drones have been cloned, so now it’s a time of the little Tello. WLtoys XK Q818 Drone adopts the Plastic material on the fuselage, resulted in stronger tenacity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and ensures better protection when falling off. It’s also an exquisite appearance and palm-sized, you will love this amazing mini-drone just as I do. The WLtoys XK Q818 Drone is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvas easily and without worries. This White\Red design reminds of a stealth design With LED flashlight enables you to fly in the dark at night and easy to identify the head and tail. WLtoys XK Q818 Drone has 176 * 176 * 43mm dimensions. It’s light and easy to carry, the headless mode makes you never worry about the drone flying away.


Everyone loves a good photo, This WLtoys XK Q818 Drone with dual camera boasts all the essential features you need. Equipped with 720P HD dual camera, the WLtoys XK Q818 Drone could capture high-quality video and photos – ideals for a selfie. Except for the front camera, the WLtoys XK Q818 Drone equipped with another 720p bottom camera. Help you see the world through bird eyes on your phone. You could also wear VR glasses to enjoy the scenery. With high definition wide-angle camera, the RC helicopter airplane can perform the FPV streaming live video very well and offer you a new perspective of an amazing world from the air. And images and videos will be stored in both the app and the mobile album system.

WLtoys XK Q818 Drone features a brushed motor under its hood and it supports various kinds of functions such as 3D rollover, forward, backward, sideward, speeds up and down, turns left and down, up and down and hover. It is equipped with a 6-axis gyro that takes care of smooth flying and landing. The drone can function well even when there is a lot of wind and is quite easy to control The headless mode feature of the WLtoys XK Q818 Drone makes it possible to run in one direction. The WLtoys XK Q818 Drone is an intermediate level drone that can be controlled by 2.4GHz wireless remote control.


WLtoys XK Q818 Drone An amazing drone with mid-level drone features for its price class. This entry-level drone has a remote distance of up to 60 meters and Wifi FPV control distance up to 40m. You won’t go wrong with this drone. Right now you can buy from TOMTOP at $46.99 in Flash Sale

Buy WLtoys XK Q818 Drone with Dual Camera 720P at $46.99


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