WLtoys XKS 144010 Review – 4WD Off-Road RC Car at $104.99 From CAFAGO


The WLtoys XKS 144010 RC Car is DESIGNED FAST, DESIGNED TOUGH Comes ready out of the box to bash on any terrain. Built for exciting bashing speeds and extreme, all-terrain durability. New features that enhance its unstoppable performance include a stronger chassis and retained hinge pin plates; steering with more clearance for stones; a castellated slipper pad and sliding gear mesh; and rubber-shielded bearings throughout.


The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with strong stability. With a cool appearance and full metal chassis, this exquisite workmanship gives you a different experience. WLtoys XKS 144010 using zinc alloy gear, unlike ordinary plastic gear wear resistance, durability has been obviously improved. Adopt a metal shock absorber, shock absorber performance can adapt to multi-clock terrain. The racing car can provide strong power torque significantly making the car easy to complete difficult moves. It is easy to adapt to rough terrains such as beaches, snow, grass, mountain road, and rock road. All-terrain rubber tires, and bump tire texture increase friction, and greatly enhance the remote control car grip. Adapt to a variety of terrains.

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WLtoys XKS 144010 using a brushless motor, fast speed, high efficiency, speed up to 75Km/h. High-quality motor to make horsepower more powerful, faster than the same type of car. Built-in super strong, powerful, and high efficiency strong brushless motor makes the electric energy converted into power maximally and the running speed is up to 75km/h. To achieve high speed, rapid acceleration, deceleration, and braking speed up to 75km/h.

This may be your favorite equipment, is about to take you on a speed trip. A four-wheel independent shock absorber system, using hardware oil shock absorber, can effectively reduce the vibration when driving at high speed, make the ride smooth, meet obstacles can effectively reduce the impact force, and be adaptable to multiple terrains. 2.4GHz Radio System with anti-jamming capability allows us to race at the same time on the same track. The control distance is up to 100 meters. Proportional throttle, better operability.


This WLtoys XKS 144010 RC Car could give you an excellent sense of control and a realistic driving experience. You can buy it from CAFAGO at $104.99 with Free shipping from Germany Warehouse.


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