WorkinTool PDF Converter Review – Also Compatible with Windows 11


Nowadays, file conversions are still one of the aspects that remain in demand and necessary, even in the context of ever-increasing software development and compatibility with even more file formats than ever before. There are online converters, which can provide reliable functionality for individual files, but WorkinTool PDF Converter Portable aims to offer a desktop client, which not only offers batch processing capabilities but is also equipped with some useful additional features. WorkinTool PDF Converter is one of the programs that serve Windows users who are looking for an online Free PDF Converter.

The easy-to-use and effective PDF converter do the conversion process in many formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pictures without any problems. You can use this program with peace of mind for PDF compression, merging, and separation.

Free PDF Converter

WorkinTool’s PDF conversion program appeals to computer users of all levels with its user-friendly interface. The program, which is very simple and fast to install, allows making the necessary arrangements on the PDF document such as PDF reader, converter, combiner, separator, and compressor.

Among the basic features of the PDF converter program is; PDF to Word conversion (editable Word documents like doc and Docx), PDF to Excel conversion (editing Excel tables like XLS and XLSX), PDF to PowerPoint conversion (editable PPT slides like PPT and PPTX), PDF to JPG conversion (save PDF page as separate images) and PDF to Html conversion (Making PDF editable Html files). Of course, you can also do the reverse of these processes. E.g; Convert PDF to Word document.

How to Use PDF Conversion Program?

  • Select the conversion format and then the file.
  • Choose where to save the file and click Convert.
  • Wait for the PDF conversion to complete.

Let’s take a look at how simple the free PDF converter is to use. E.g; Let’s look at how to convert Word to PDF:

1 Step: Open the program, select PDF to Word in the right corner and click Select the file to select the PDF document you want to convert or drag and drop the file.

2 Step: Choose where to save the file and click Convert.

3 Step: Wait for the PDF conversion process to complete. You can open the converted document by clicking Open file.

Also compatible with Windows 11, this tool provides fast and reliable conversion between a wide variety of formats; as well as allowing users to edit PDFs and perform a number of operations such as merging, adding watermarks. I recommend it to anyone looking for a free PDF converter.


With WorkinTool PDF Converter Software, you can edit and convert your photos and easily output them in various formats. Image conversion requires professional tools that you should be able to convert photos from one format to another. If you need strong software to convert all kinds of images, you can do it in the simplest possible way.

WorkinTool PDF Converter is software with an attractive graphical environment; that can put all your images in the program and quickly convert them to your favorite formats. The program fully supports various graphic formats such as RAW, HEIC, JPG, JPEG; BMP, PNG, TIFF, and you can easily convert images to other formats. Other features of the tool include editing images and removing watermarks from photos, resizing images and, You can now download the latest version of WorkinTool Image Converter software from the software download website.


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