World’s Safest Snorkel Mask with walkie talkies Orsen Airfresh System Grab it from Indiegogo at $70


ORSEN Airfresh Snorkel Mask is a CO2 security standard swimming veil with a programmed breathing framework, which enables individuals to inhale easily during swimming. With our recently designed walkie-talkie, you can even be associated with another talkie to accomplish continuous discussion with your accomplice.


the structure is great and smooth in wearing. Have a typical discourse and extra your voice for karaoke back at the inn with the Snorkel Mask with Walkie Talkie for the Aria Full Face Mask. Ocean Reef displays the chief ever radio correspondence structure for swimmers. Simple to use, it empowers you to pass on while swimming with various swimmers and people on vessel and land! A unique, ensured advancement, exclusively open for Ocean Reef made full face swimming spreads.


The Snorkie-Talkie Radio is an in-water particular contraption that will let you speak with one another while swimming with your full face spread. Interfacing quickly and successfully to your Aria shroud the snorkie talkie includes a speaker that sits more than one of your ears related with a transmitter gatherer on the completion of the snorkel that exhibitions like a radio wire.

Snorkel Mask with Walkie Talkie accompanies the greatest extent of around 275m, you can talk with some other individual on a comparable repeat in the water, vessel or on the beach. Waterproof to 3m you don’t have to worry over getting them wet basically don’t plunge down too much significant.


You can relate this IP68 waterproof radio with your phone through Bluetooth to answer your phone, check out music and interface with another talkie to achieve persistent discourse with your associate.  It starts in IndieGoGo at $70.


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