World’s Smallest 4K MINI PC of CHUWI LarkBox Disassembly Review


CHUWI exposed a world’s smallest 4K mini PC before. The model has aroused a lot of attention with varied usage scenes and great configurations. Recently, CHUWI released some images of LarkBox disassembly, which showed its neat internal structure.

The whole process of disassembly only used two screwdrivers (1.8x25mm cross, one-word screwdriver). Because the connection between motherboards mainly uses BTB (Board to Board), the whole processor of disassembly is easy to operate.

First of all, the operation starts at the bottom of the machine. After removing the back cover, you can see a motherboard (small board). After taking it off, the multiple ports and power IC can be seen, including USB-A *2, 3.5mm headphone jack, and Micro-SD expansion card slot.

Continue to disassemble can find that another motherboard connected to the one above by a wire arrangement. The motherboard is wired, and this compact motherboard contains the core parts of LarkBox and other interfaces, including processor, memory, storage, USB-C, and HDMI interface.

Processor:Intel Gemini Lake N4100 with UHD Graphics 600
Wireless mode:Intel Wireless-AC 9461
Interface:HDMI(Type-A)*1、USB Type-C*1
LarkBox features the Intel N4100 low power consumption processor, which can handle daily work and entertainment easily. The low power processor and memory perfectly balance the performance and power consumption, and also reduce the heat.

And then you can see the last major component – the cooling fan. The fan uses the combination of pure copper heat dissipation plate and ultra-quiet fan, which has an excellent heat dissipation effect. Meanwhile, the noise volume is lower than 20db when the fan is at full load speed.

Above is the whole disassembly processor of LarkBox, which is easy to operate. In addition to the inherent workmanship, LarkBox also performs well in terms of product experience. With ultra-small body, varied usage scenes and great hardware configurations, LarkBox can be a worthy mini PC to buy.

LarkBox will go live on Indiegogo at the end of this month. More information about it can refer to the link.


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