Wotel Mojing 4 VR vs Baofeng Mojing 4 vs VIRGLASS VR vs Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 Review


VR headsets have become the main tendency for most manufacturers in China since MWC 2016. But there are some international brands like Samsung, HTC, Google, facebook, etc which have very expensive price, however, it will good chance for Chinese manufacturers to produce cheap and competitive VR virtual reality headset. So today we will introduce four hot and cheap to buy VR for you, they are Wotel VR, Baofeng Mojing 4, VIRGLASS VR, Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 . We will introduce them by theory, appearance, wearing comfortability, clarity, price ,etc to teach you how to choose a VR.



Virtual Reality attached great importance to visual effect, with the advanced technology,  the method of visual perception would have only two: the big screen, or shortening the eyes and the distance from the screen.  It’s obvious that VR used the second way to isolate the outside light and make the big screen, then it will cause a immersive version to enter into the other space.


“Virtual reality” vernacular as equipment was used to simulate/reproduce human senses, including but not limited to see, hear, smell, touch, temperature, etc., of the most important and most feasibility with the vision.

And before the brainwave technology by leaps and bounds, to provide “into” the method of visual perception would have only two: the big screen, or shorten the eyes and the distance from the screen. Obviously virtual display glasses with the latter, it’s in the big screen at the same time, will be the light of the outside world, can produce a kind of mergence of another space illusion

With the help of the position sensors such as three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, picture can follow the movement of the wearer’s head and react accordingly, producing approximate real visual feedback.

In hardware principle,the VR glass is a glass or helmet to fix the smartphone, they are equipped with app and remote control. They will reflect the visual content according to head’s movement  and provides real-time control ways.


The color and overall style: Wotel VR is in white color, simple but glamours, Baofeng Mojing 4 uses hollow design in front cover, Xiaozhai BobVR Z4 is sleek, but when wearing with earphone, it seems a little clumsy,  VIRGLASS VR has white ceramic design which is very elegant.

Appearance rank:  VIRGLASS VR > Wotel VR > Baofeng Mojing 4 > Xiaozhai BobVR Z4


Industrial design: All uses type T headset except Baofeng Mojing. From wearing comfortability,  Wotel VR > VIRGLASS VR > Baofeng Mojing 4 > Xiaozhai BobVR Z4. From the precision of the headset,  VIRGLASS VR > Wotel VR  Baofeng Mojing 4 > Xiaozhai BobVR Z4


PD and focal length adjustment

There are many myopic users in VR market, so right now the current VR can be compatible with 0 to 600 degrees myopia users. Wotel VR, Baofeng Mojing 4 and BobVR z4 have PD Adjustment, but VIRGlass vr doesn’t.


About Focal length adjustment, Wotel VR adjust distance by left and right eye separately which is very special which is good for those with different myopias. Baofeng Mojing 4 can’t adjust the visual distance. VIRGlass VR also can’t ajust. So comfortability for the myopia, we can rank: Wotel VR > Xiaozhai Z4 > Baofeng Mojing 4 > VIRGlass VR

Visual Angle, Immersive and Clarity


Baofeng Mojing 4 has FOV 96 degrees, Wotel VR, 90 degrees, Xiaozhai Z4 FOV 120 degrees, VIRGlass VR FOV 68 degrees. According to the real test, the immersive feeling comparison: Baofeng Mojing 4 > XiaoZhai Z4 > Wotel VR > VIRGlass VR.

Specs and Price




All of these vr headset have its advantages and disadvantages. If you want the better immersive feeling, we highly recommend Baofeng Mojing 4, but you will feel a little dizzy. If you want to experience more clear VR, you can try Wotel VR. But according to competitive performance and price, Wotel VR is worthwhile to have a try.


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