WowWee Lumi Gaming Drone Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Quadcopter drones are becoming phenomenally popular these days, with more advanced models coming out daily. For the beginner, especially a young child, the LUMI gaming drone is a great way to get started and is also a lot of fun.


WowWee is primarily designed for individuals who have little or no experience in flying quadcopters. And if you love making moves on the dance floor, then this drone is also perfectly fitted for you. With a BLE-enabled smartphone or tablet, you can launch the Lumi App on your device and make your screen the dance floor. You can play Lumi on the Beat if you want to test your ability to follow dance sequences and even unlock several tricks as you go. In short, if you’re so much into dancing, you can create your own choreographies using the Lumi drone and share you drone’s dance moves with friends or engage them in the ultimate dance-off in the multi-drone mode.


Create your own air show complete with choreographed moves, perform high-flying flips and stunts and compete against friends and family in a game of rhythm and reflexes with the WowWee Lumi Gaming Drone in Blue and White. You can turn your compatible Android or Apple smartphone or tablet into a remote and play fun games, design air shows to the beat of your music or just fly Lumi around with help from the downloadable app. Lumi’s obstacle-avoidance sensors prevent accidental run-ins with household objects and people, so you can safely fly this drone indoors. Thanks to the easy-flight technology and autopilot mode, Lumi places an emphasis on fun and games rather than keeping the drone airborne for fun, versatile playtime.

Complete with a downloadable app, Lumi turns your compatible Apple or Android smartphone or tablet into a remote control. The easy-flight technology lets you play fun games as the drone remains stable midair. The beacon helps suspend Lumi in the air, letting you pick tricks to perform. You can clip the beacon onto your device or hold it in your hand to have Lumi follow your every move. Lumi performs aerial maneuvers, such as flips and landings, with the simple touch of a button while avoiding household objects and other people. In Lumi-to-the-Beat, you can compete against friends. Keep Lumi in the air by tapping the correct color. If you miss, Lumi will drop in altitude.


The Lumi gaming drone allows kids (and kids at heart) to play fun, interactive games with this unique flying quadcopter while avoiding objects in your home. The downloadable app turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control, with easy-flight technology putting emphasis on fun, games, and music rather than struggling to keep the drone airborne. You can Buy From Gearbest at $124.27 Using Coupon Code: RC18OFF


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