X35 PRO 2 5G RC Drone Review: Comes With Wifi FPV GPS 4K Camera 3-axis Gimbal


The X35 PRO 2 5G RC Drone offers heaps of insightful flight modes, other than normal capabilities, GPS get back, GPS situating, focal point, follow me are accessible. 3-Axis balanced out gimbal permits you to shoot a more steady and clear picture.


X35 PRO 2 5G RC Drone is is made from ABS plastic, which is a strong and light material that is frequently utilized for drones. The plastic has a light dim variety which looks straightforward and jazzy. Also, The Drone Size: 35*35*15cm. Additionally, it has foldable arms so it’s simpler to move. The programmed motor locking framework introduced on the ESC successfully shields them from untimely disappointment, yet additionally guarantees flight security.

X35 PRO 2 5G RC Drone

Proficient elevated imaging benefits from longer flight time, the robot has a greatest flight season of 25mins, permitting additional time in the air to catch the ideal shot. Furthermore, highlights a prevalent 4K camera and across the board works conveying the power for a smooth flight. With a one-key return capability, the robot can find its direction back home without any problem.

X35 PRO 2 5G RC Drone


X35 PRO 2 5G RC Drone comes with 5G WIFI FPV & Adjustable 4K 3-Axis Stabilized Camera. Also, It will Let you see what your robot sees, ideal for shooting an assigned spot or just to glance around. The 5G WIFI ongoing transmission distance comes to 400m. Furnished with 4K cameras, which catch astonishing pictures and recordings from the sky, with stable gimbal, the robot records sans vibration film.

X35 PRO 2 5G RC Drone

More, It has the feartures of Waypoint Flight and Point of Interesting. it’ll consequently fly as indicated by the alloted point, which permits the pilot to zero in on camera control and empowers more mind boggling shots. Set a particular structure or position as your focal point, your airplane will constantly circle around the preset point.

X35 PRO 2 5G RC Drone


X35 PRO 2 5G RC Drone will follow you consequently and catch your development with a specific flying perspective. A high level GPS framework makes it totally mindful of its area and connection to you. So, what are you waiting for? You can easily buy this from Cafago at 209.36euro


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