xDuoo X3II HiFi Lossless Music Player For Just $118.99 at TOMTOP in Flash Sale


xDuoo X3II is a HiFi level digital music player especially for music fanciers. With small size, lightweight, fashion outlook, it can be brought conveniently when you are at home, on business, on travel or in anywhere. It supports all popular lossless audio formats, supports up to 32 bit / 384KHz master level high definition sampling rate, also Supports DSF, DFF, ISO suffix DSD audio format up to DSD128.

The successor to the popular xDuoo X3, the X3 II digital audio player upgrades the DAC chip and adds a 2.4-inch IPS screen, all while retaining some of the unique features that set the X3 apart—including the dual microSD slots and two 3.5-millimeter outputs

This version uses the highly regarded AK4490 DAC chip, paired with an OPA1652 and LMH6643 chip configuration for the headphone amplifier. This makes for low noise and low distortion, along with excellent details and the ability to power more demanding headphones from a small unit.

Plus, the X3 II boasts bidirectional Bluetooth support, which allows it to pair with Bluetooth headphones and stream music from your smartphone wirelessly. Gadget is made in a new style, with which all the devices of the current line of xDuoo players are gone. looks very nice, and in terms of usability is also good. The red button pleases.

No one will be surprised that xDuoo X3II has a metal case, a capacious battery, supports wireless communication, can be controlled from the headset console, it can play all popular formats of audio files in high resolution, etc.

The model is uniquely worthy and can be seriously considered as one of the options when choosing a HiFi player. We can buy xDuoo X3II HiFi Lossless Music Player from TOMTOP at $118.99 in Flash sale


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