XGIMI H6 vs Big Eye Orange X20 Review: The Battle of the High-End Projectors


XGIMI, a renowned manufacturer of home projectors, launched a new H-series product, the xgimi h6 4K version, on February 20th, with a lossless optical zoom function. Despite its impressive performance configuration, the H6’s brightness has decreased compared to the previous generation H5, making some people question its worth. This article aims to compare XGIMI H6 with the Big Eye Orange X20 projector, which also has an optical zoom function, and determine which has better projection capabilities.

Firstly, let’s examine the resolution of both projectors. The XGIMI H6 has a higher resolution of 4K, which is the company’s flagship product, and as a result, it costs more than the Big Eye Orange X20. However, the H6’s chip is the same as the Big Eye Orange X20, which is still 0.47 DMD in size. Therefore, while the XGIMI H6 advertises itself as a lossless 4K resolution, it still shakes 4K, not a lossless true native 4K.

Both projectors use LED light sources, and although most of the market is moving towards the laser track, the technology is still immature. Furthermore, although the light source does not use a laser, the XGIMI H6 has been reduced to 1200CCB from its previous generation, equivalent to 2400 ANSI lumen brightness. As a result, the Big Eye Orange X20 is more in line with the actual use needs regarding optical zoom.

Regarding hardware, the XGIMI H6 is equipped with the MT9669 chip launched in 2021, while the Big Eye Orange X20 is equipped with the latest Amlogic T982 chip found in 2022. The Amlogic T982 chip is more advanced and supports the most advanced HDR format Dolby Vision, making it capable of displaying richer colors. Additionally, T982 uses HDMI 2.1 to decode 8k video, while MT9669 only supports 4k. The XGIMI H6 has a memory of 4+128GB, and the Big Eye Orange X20 has a memory of 4+64GB. Consequently, both projectors should have similar running speeds.

Regarding functions, both projectors support auto-focus, auto-keystone correction, 3D projection, and motion compensation, making them easy to use. However, the XGIMI H6 lacks a network interface and can only connect to WiFi, significantly affecting the experience for movie lovers and game enthusiasts.

In conclusion, when considering all aspects, it is evident that the Big Eye Orange X20 projector is more cost-effective than the XGIMI H6. Although the XGIMIH6 has a higher resolution, it falls short in brightness, making it less desirable for most living rooms. On the other hand, the Big Eye Orange X20 is more in line with the actual use needs of a home projector with an optical zoom function, has better HDR capabilities, and is more cost-effective. Therefore, the XGIMI H6 is not worth buying as it only increases the price without adding much “brightness.”

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