Xiaomi 10000mAh Pro Fast Charge Portable Power Bank For Just $17.99 at @IbuyGou (Coupon Inside)


Mi Power Bank fully charges Android and Apple phones much faster than regular charges. This Portable Mi Charger features an ultra-thin profile.Charge your phone in no time with the Xiaomi 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro Ultra Slim. This ultra-thin portable charger can fully charge your Android phone in less than 2 hours. The Xiaomi power bank can also charge other devices like Bluetooth headsets and fitness bands. This portable charger supports USB Type-C charging to juice up leading-edge phones, tablets, notebooks, and more. The Mi power bank also features nine layers of circuit chip protection. The power bank’s aluminum metal case is designed to withstand collisions and up to 2000 pressure impacts. The power bank also features a slim and elegant profile.

This portable Mi charger delivers two-way 18W fast charging. It can safely charge connected devices by automatically adjusting power output levels. This power bank can save up to 25 percent of the time while charging an Android phone and saves 40 percent of the time while it is fully powered up.

The high-density lithium polymer batteries can be used to quickly and efficiently power phone, tablet, camera, and more. The rate of charging may be reduced in the case of low power consuming devices like headsets, smartwatches, fitness bands, etc.

CNC edges coupled with double anodized aluminum gives this case a premium finish. The rounded, curved edges are ergonomically designed to give you grip while holding the power bank. It is also designed to resist daily wear, corrosion and color fading.

Each part of the housing from which the Xiaomi power bank is made was created with the help of a digital CNC machine tool. The use of a mechatronic solution during the production of individual fragments of the housing resulted in their perfect fitting. The CNC machining process has also made it possible to design such a form of housing to be useful during everyday intensive use of bank power. The whole device is 42% thinner compared to Power Bank 10000 mAh.

The Xiaomi backup battery has long been a favorite choice for many users due to the reasonable price, high performance and good quality, which is typical of the Xiaomi Mi Pro 10000 mAh battery. The Xiaomi Mi Pro 10000 mAh battery is on sale at the IbuyGou shop with the attractive price at $17.99 if you use Coupon Code: MPB2018IBG, But Remember this Code Valid for Only 50 Units So Hurry Up and Get it at ver lowest price.


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