Xiaomi 13 Pro Vs iQOO 11 Pro Review -Which Curved Smartphone to Choose First?


The Xiaomi 13 Pro and iQOO 11 Pro, are both flagships with curved screens, although the whole machine is relatively balanced, there are still many differences in focus. For example, 13 Pro focuses on taking pictures, while iQOO 11 Pro focuses more on on-screen quality and fast charging It’s better, and the price is relatively favorable! So the choice of these two models still depends on your own needs and budget.

Comparison between Xiaomi 13 Pro and iQOO11 Pro

1. Processor

The two models use the same Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor, both of which support the latest LPDDR5X and UFS4.0, but the V2 video chip on iQOO 11 Pro can also bring the effect of game frame insertion, which will have some advantages.

In fact, since TSMC started manufacturing the Snapdragon 8 series chipset, the Snapdragon chipset has reduced power consumption while maintaining high performance, and the gaming experience has naturally improved a lot. This has also allowed many mobile phone manufacturers to see the dawn of hitting high-end chips. Desperately roll the feel and configuration.

2. Screen

Both iQOO 11 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Pro have high-quality E6 material curved screens, which support 1.07 billion colors and a resolution of 3200X1440. However, there are still quite a few screen differences when you look closely.

For example, Xiaomi 13 Pro supports higher brightness and pixel density, while iQOO 11 Pro has more high-frequency PWM dimming and a higher touch sampling rate. In addition, iQOO also supports the second generation of ultrasonic fingerprints, with faster recognition range and speed, the unlocking experience will be slightly better.

3. Take pictures

The iQOO 11 Pro has a 16MP front camera and a 50MP main camera with a Sony IMX866 sensor on the rear, combined with a 50MP wide-angle JN1 sensor and a 13MP portrait lens. Even with the support of the V2 imaging chip, it is quite satisfactory in this price range, with not too many bright spots.

In contrast, the Xiaomi 13 Pro has a 32MP high-definition selfie on the front, and an IMX989 one-inch super-outsole main camera on the rear, with a 50MP wide-angle and a 50MP telephoto macro. The specifications are higher, and there are Xiaomi imaging brain and Leica native dual image quality blessings, the imaging performance is more than one level higher than iQOO11 Pro.

4. Battery and charging

Both models are 50W wireless charging, of which Xiaomi 13 Pro has a built-in 4820mAh battery, and the battery life is slightly better; while iQOO 11 Pro supports 200W wired super flash charging to return blood faster. In addition, Xiaomi 13 Pro also supports IP68 dustproof and waterproof, which has a higher safety factor for daily use.

In short, it is not difficult to see that iQOO 11 Pro has some advantages in terms of screen quality, game experience, and fast charging, while Xiaomi 13 Pro performs better in taking pictures and battery life, so it is relatively simple to compare the two models.

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