Xiaomi 33 inch TV Soundbar Sale on Gearbest For Just $74.99 in Flash Sale


Xiaomi 33 inch TV Soundbar is a high-performance artificial speaker. It can listen and speak like your real friend. This speaker is designed for TVs and supports most TVs on the market. It can make you experience the effect of cinema at home. Besides, it supports wall-mounting and seat-mounting. You are free to choose according to your actual situation.

The Xiaomi TV Soundbar is a speaker expressly indicated to be able to connect it to your TV and thus expand the sound. Its design is white and elegant, with a gray striped fabric on the front to protect the 8 speakers included. Its Bluetooth functionality allows you to raise and lower the volume without a problem and its rubber base facilitates the product does not slip or bounce on a surface as a result of sound vibrations.

We have already mentioned its elegant design in white and gray tones, but its 33 inches in length stand out, which translates into total measurements of 83 x 7.2 cm (depth) x 8.7 cm (height) with a weight that It does not reach two kilos. You can find seven buttons at the top that give commands to the device to raise and lower the voice, as well as to apply the Bluetooth, AUX, Line In, SPDIF and Optical modes.

It focuses on the quality of the sound, the most important thing of the device: it has an impedance of 6 Ohm with a frequency range of 50 – 25,000 Hz. With the Xiaomi TV Soundbar you will have well-defined bass, so the idea of connecting the bar to your smartphone to listen to music is very attractive, as well as its surround sound will bring your movies a home theater effect. 

Xiaomi 33-inch TV soundbar is really amazed at its sound. The sound is a good deal higher than that of TaoTronics models. The bass sounds great, which is exactly what you miss with every normal TV speaker, because of the missing volume. You can buy it from Gearbest at $74.99 in Flash Sale


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