Xiaomi 5G Concept Phone: 100.00 Megapixels, 4600mAh, 5G network,


Recently, some foreign media have exposed a Xiaomi 5G Concept Phone, which will carry more black technology. Let’s take a look at it, what black technology is worth our expectation!

We also got the renderings and materials of the mobile phone for the first time. From the exposed pictures, we can see that this millet will adopt the full-screen design and use the drilling design on the screen. This seems to be the first drill of Xiaomi. The hole screen mobile phone, the four borders of the screen have achieved the ultimate reservation so that the screen ratio has reached a new height. The machine is equipped with a 6.61-inch screen, using AMOLED screen material, resolution of 2960X1440 pixels, pixel density of 483ppi, 19:9 screen ratio, its screen ratio reached 93.71%. On the screen, the machine received the Rhein Low Blu-ray eye certification, with screen fingerprint recognition, Corning Gorilla glass panel, COP screen packaging process.

The Xiaomi 5G Concept Phone uses the drilling method on the front camera to be embedded on the screen. The receiver is not mounted on the top of the screen. According to the data obtained, it is not hidden in the gap, but directly without the presence of the earpiece speaker. It is equipped with the most novel on-screen sound technology, relying on two vibration motors to generate resonance. The front camera is equipped with 26 million pixels, the aperture is F/2.3, support for self-portrait, high-definition self-timer video recording, background blur, face recognition and so on.

In the post, this Xiaomi 5G Concept Phone is also stepping into the post-four-shot era. From the mobile phone that will be released in the second half of this year, we can see that both the high-end machine and the low-end machine are slowly moving backward. Photo development, and this time Xiaomi also met the changes in market demand. Xiaomi will use the 1.08 Megapixel ISOCELL Bright HMX graphics sensor. This is Samsung’s sensor. It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi has also joined this research and development. It can be seen that Xiaomi’s R&D team also has strong technical support. The main camera of the aircraft is 108 Megapixels, 8 Megapixels wide viewing angle lens, 13MP telephoto lens, 5 Megapixel macro lens, from this luxurious camera lineup, it can be seen that it is powerful shooting ability.

In the core configuration, this millet is also equipped with the current highest processor Snapdragon 855Plus, and supports 5G network, running memory has 10GB and 12GB, storage space has 128GB and 256GB, support dual card dual standby and compatible with other networks SIM card. In order to reduce the temperature of the mobile phone when playing games, this millet will use a multi-layer aluminum foil to mix the heat sink of graphene and achieve a large area coverage, while having a liquid cooling system, effectively reducing the performance of high performance or charging. high temperature.

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On the battery life, this Xiaomi 5G Concept Phone is equipped with a 4600mAh battery. This large-capacity battery is enough for users to use it for a long time. It lasts for more than 8 hours, and it is equipped with a 45W fast charging function, which can be charged in 50 minutes. It can be quickly charged even if it is out of power. On the interface, Xiaomi designed the 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the phone. Below the phone are two sets of speakers and a USB Type-C interface. The dustproof and waterproof capability of the whole machine also reached IP68.

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In the design of the exterior, the Xiaomi 5G Phone breaks the traditional design, adopts a strong three-dimensional design style, and the circular curvature is not visible between the back cover and the middle frame, and the back cover is made of glass material to make the hand feel more strengthened. Moreover, the diameter of the drill hole on the screen is the smallest in the industry, so as far as possible, it does not affect the user’s visual experience. The design of the details is also very perfect. It is worthy of the Xiaomi 5G machine, which is the strength of Xiaomi.

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