Xiaomi 70 Mai Air Purifier Pro Released: 299 Yuan ($44.17), Inspired By Van Gogh Masterpiece


70 Mai is a Xiaomi eco-chain company dedicated to in-vehicle smart products. It has produced products such as Milly driving recorders, driving mirrors, tire pressure monitors, and car wireless charging mobile phone brackets.

A few days ago, they brought a new product: 70-meter car air purifier Pro, currently available in Xiaomi, priced at 299 yuan ($44.17) (including PM2.5 filter), in addition to PM2.5 filter 39 yuan, in addition to formaldehyde filter 59 yuan.

In terms of design, the appearance of the 70-meter car air purifier Pro is inspired by Van Gogh’s masterpiece “Starry Sky”, such as the way of entering the wind of the nebula, with aluminum alloy oxidized metal ring, natural.

With a compact body, the 70-meter car air purifier Pro can have a CADR value of up to 52m3/h, efficiently output clean air, and purify a conventional sedan family car in 3.3 minutes.

It uses a more complex rear-tilt centrifugal fan and an improved impeller cut. When the air output is increased by 15%, the noise is reduced by 5db(A), and the clean air continues to output stably.

The built-in Cubic Optoelectronics photoelectric dust sensor can detect the change of PM2.5 in the car in real time and intelligently adjust the working position of the purifier.

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The filter paper is the key to providing clean air inside the car. The 70-year-old E&HH11 high-efficiency filter paper is used to efficiently intercept invisible particles such as dust, smoke, PM2.5, pollen, and layer protection, achieving double purification

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