Xiaomi 70 Mai Air Purifier Pro Review: With Smart Remote PM 2.5 Monitor Fliters For Just $71.99 at Geekbuying


Xiaomi has launched a new car air purifier product named 70Mai Car Air Purifier Pro under the brand 70mai, which is a brand that mainly focuses on the equipment used in cars. Such as car camera Intelligent rearview mirror Tire pressure detector Car charger Including a wireless music player, etc.

Buy Xiaomi 70 Mai Air Purifier Pro at $71.99


This 70mai car air purifier was inspired by Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” masterpiece, the famous Dutch painter. With a compact body that is aluminum alloy material As for the ability to purify the air, the machine has a decontamination speed (CADR) at 52 cubic meters per hour. Which effectively cleans the car’s interior air in 3.3 minutes. 70Mai Car Air Purifier Pro uses a patented fan, unique design and low noise. When the rotor is running, the air transmission will increase by 15% and reduce the volume to 5db while the fresh air continues to circulate continuously With Cubic Optoelectronics dust sensors Inside that can detect small dust, PM2.5 level in real time The sensor automatically determines and adjusts the behavior of the filter.

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In view of the quality of the air in the car, 70M also provides the view of APP. From the APP, we can directly see the current air quality in the car and the wear and tear of the filter element, which can facilitate our subsequent replacement. Of course, if you have a 70-meter rearview mirror in your car, you can also let the 70-meter air purifier Pro link products, as well as see the air quality in the car and so on, so that you can watch it more conveniently. In the aspect of a motor, high-efficiency brushless DC motor is adopted. The core component of the motor is the Japanese brand ball bearing. The characteristics of this motor are brushless wear, faster speed, and longer life. In addition, this complex backward centrifugal fan, impeller wind shear, can increase the wind pressure, air volume, at the same time, the noise is very low, so that every time you drive out, you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable ride environment.

In the aspect of a power supply, the USB power supply mode is adopted. You can insert the USB port of the cigarette port interface at will. Of course, you can also bring it into your home to use. As long as there is a USB port, you can use it for power supply. There are also four modes for air purification, including automatic, silent, standard and extreme speed. If we choose silence, the noise will be about 31.7dB (A). We can hardly detect it at work. Like the author, of course, we still choose an automatic mode, so we don’t need to manually adjust it.


From the above experience, we can see that the Xiaomi 70Mai Car Air Purifier Pro is not only very creative in appearance design, but also has a significant effect on the purification of pollutants in the vehicle. The purifying effect can be seen by the author’s previous tests. If you want to have a cool appearance, and it to quickly clean the air effect, Xiaomi 70Mai Car Air Purifier Pro is really a very good choice. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $71.99 to use coupon code: DGEZDTOZ

Buy Xiaomi 70 Mai Air Purifier Pro at $71.99


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